This is my oldest son.  He has such a heart for the lost, the less fortunate and children.  This past summer he volunteered as a jr. camp counselor at a nearby summer camp that brings inner city kids to the country.  Truth be told, he got beat up a little.  Some of the kids weren’t as kind as he’s used to being around.

But he LOVED the experience.  He learned.   He grew.   And he can’t wait to go back this summer.

This picture is him practicing his bubble making so he could show the younger group of kids at camp.


Thanks Lorretta for sharing The Sunday Community!


4 thoughts on “Sunday

  1. This truly touched my heart. I was bullied 63 years ago… and it didn’t stop right away. But I have been pretty careful for my kids and grandkids, b/c of what can continue in our world. I’m so glad you boy had a good heart and good sharing and good understanding. Bless you… Bless him.


    • Thank you for stopping by Joanne. I wasn’t sure I did exactly what I was supposed to do after looking at some of the other posts, but I’m glad it touched you. Our oldest daughter has also volunteered for 3 summers, and has also had some rough moments too. It’s not an easy task to love the unlovable. But they both understand that these kids come from the world and need Christ’s love to be shown to them. It warms my momma heart to see them serving these children.


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