What is Love?

Recently I saw a commercial for the new season of the Bachelor.  What show I was watching? I don’t know.  Maybe reruns of Monk?  But it started me thinking love.  Then I saw some posts on Facebook regarding the program.  Both of these things together birthed this post.

For those of you who may not know, the premise is a “reality” tv show that centers around a hot, young, good-looking, rich single man and several hot, good-looking, young single women. A rose at the end of the show signifies to the “lucky” ladies that they made the cut for the week.

I think I got that right because truth be told I’ve only stomached it once several years ago. In fact I’m not even sure I stomached the entire episode.

Let me first start by saying that this is not love! At it’s best it’s some good times and laughs at it’s worst it’s a lust fest of horny, hot, young, beautiful people who have no scruples (obvious by the fact that they’ve subjected themselves to public humiliation in the name of “love”).

Is that too strong? Maybe. But this culture may need strong.

It may ( and I really mean may) make for good tv, but it makes for a lousy life.

Love cannot be determined in a few minutes of passion and butterfly feel goods.

Love is defined by commitment! Because those butterfly feel goods will not always be there.

Commitment when the times are good. When the butterflies are fluttering within our hearts for our beloved.

A commitment when the times are mediocre. When you’re not on the mountain or in the valley. When you’re going through life with your beloved. Maybe too busy to really spend good time together, loving each other. But you KNOW you’re together and that’s enough.

A commitment when you’re not on the mountain top. But where you are gliding through existence together working as a well oiled machine. Loving and admiring one another through the daily life that we all must live, whether in a mansion or in a mobile home.

Or through the hard times. Job loss, illness, child troubles, parent troubles etc. Commitment is what gets couples through these tragedies.

When a couple is committed, true love blooms. No, not the ooooooohhhhh he’s so hot lust that the world thinks is love and that shows like “The Batchelor” project as love, but true, deep love for your beloved.

Love that exists because of the commitment through the mountain top new love, to the nitty-gritty of life.

The love that looks at the few “extra” pounds, the gray hair, or the non existent hair and is deeply satisfied and in love with their beloved because of their journey together.

It’s extremely sad to me that so many in our culture will never experience that kind of love.

Because that is the love that dreams are really made of.

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