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It’s Friday!  Time for Lisa Jo’s 5 minutes.

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This weeks word is See:


I was blind, but now I see.  I understand that there are many, many, many people that don’t see, that don’t see now, or that may never see.  Yet I don’t understand it.  I remember many years ago, as a new Christian, I had a friend that couldn’t see.  I showed him, but he couldn’t see.  I ended up throwing my Bible at him and saying, “but it’s all there! How can you not see it?”  (I know good Christian example there, huh?)

I haven’t seen him in many years, I pray that he sees it today.

I wonder, well, really I know when I get deep down, God’s sovereignty is beyond my comprehension.  But I do wonder, why some can see, and why others can’t.  I mean some people STUDY Biblical “literature” and don’t see it.  Others, in small villages in third world countries who can barely read see it.  How????

It’s a mystery.  God is a mystery.  But I trust him to know what he’s doing.  My job is to tell people about him.  I stopped throwing Bibles at people many, many years ago.  My job is to tell people about the amazing Gospel, the amazing peace, the amazing victory that they can have in Christ.

I pray they see, but it’s his job to change them.




5 thoughts on “FMF- See

  1. I love this post…You are right we need to go and tell others about Him. We are to be the sower as in the farmer and the soil…good Job…Sarah from the hope journey


  2. Oh, I know this frustration! But it was so freeing when I realized exactly what you said- that only God can change them. We just have to be faithful. Recently, my sweet Daddy passed away after faithfully serving Christ for over 30 years and as a result of his funeral, my uncle came to know Jesus. I rejoice in this. Why did it take so long? I don’t know, but I am so thankful for what God has done!
    Thanks for your perspective. I resonate with your words and am thankful for them!!


    • Becky, you are so right! It is so freeing! I am saddened when I see people working so hard to save people or when they brag about how many people they saved, when only God does the saving. I’m sure your Daddy would happily be with his Savior if his death is what pricked his brother’s heart. Thanks for stopping by!


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