Malachi and I are in St. Louis today for his cleft team meeting. It’s an annual event. A day we don’t enjoy,because it’s long and tiring, but we look forward to because we usually get to spend time with some dear friends.

I detest the registration process. They call me up ask for I.d. Insurance etc. And go through the drill.

“Relation to the child?”

Wondering if they’ll believe me I say, I answer:


Then we get to “race”?

First I’m thinking


then I’m thinking

“it’s none of your stinkin business”

So with a little snark in my voice, I tell her.

A minute later I apologize and explain that I think it’s a ridiculous question that is nobody’s business because he’s human just like me.

“I’d rather people think of him as a person. ”

She looks like Malachi and says she understands.

And society wonders why we can’t get along.

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