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This week had a recipe for disaster written ALL over it.

It was busy with a capitial B!

In addition to our normal activities of violin, voice/piano and college classes for my almost high school graduate (HOW did that happen?)

She’s got a small part in the college’s production of Much Ado About Nothing (set in the 20’s, can you imagine?)

We had family pictures made Monday afternoon, in a town about an hour from our house (thanks to Groupon- and they look GREAT!)

I went to traffic court to fight a speeding ticket (bad night, long story, paid the ticket anyway because a 2nd night in the company of the “fine, upstanding” people in that courtroom and away from my family wasn’t worth $112.)

While I was having a lovely evening in court, (yes, it’s a liiiitle sarcastic) Shane was at our church annual business meeting.  (He is now officially on staff as teaching elder WHOO-HOO!)  And I had 2 boys home that had felt puny and had the stomach flu most of the day.

Let me recap

Monday = crazy, busy schedule violin, family pictures, and late night rehearsal

Clinging close to Christ and doing my MTC and Good Morning Girls studies.  LOVED reading about the 3 ways Satan tempts us, btw!

We had a FABULOUS day!

The portrait session was a RIOT!  We had so much FUN with Cassandra and can’t wait to go back because she was SO good that we bought the 1 year club membership.

Tuesday= crazy, busy schedule, court,stomach flu, meeting at church

Clinging close to Christ and doing my MTC study – missed GMG that day 😦 But wait… God had a plan…

PRAISE God we had another FABULOUS day!  Yes, with 4 children, including two teenage boys with flowing testosterone and one crazy little darling girl, two days of busy with everyone working like a well oiled machine DOES equal a FABULOUS day!

Wednesday – Out of the house again, voice/piano, not so late play rehearsal, church for everyone else

A little shakey start to Wednesday.  I was VERY upset the night before about the way court went, didn’t sleep well, etc.  so everyone was a little off kilter.  Thankfully, we regrouped early and went on our way.

Then…the GMG’s verse to SOAP  Tuesday(the day I missed) was Hebrews 12:1

Therefore, since we are surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses, let us also lay aside every weight, and sin which clings so closely, and let us run with endurance the race that is set before us,

One of my favorite verses!

Then I was told by someone that NOTHING I ever say on social media is edifying

I looked to see how my posts could have offended this person so greatly, and could find nothing from the past 2 months but birthday wishes for 2 of my children, prayer requests for a my much loved Uncle and a Deacon at church fighting cancer, some updates about those requests, a C.S. Lewis quote and this:  “Sometimes intellect trumps common sense- I’ll take common sense over hyper-intellectualism any day thank you very much.” maybe that was offensive?????

Monday nights humiliation was still with me and quite honestly,

I had a pity party and cried.

I am an encourager.  I have often been told that my FB status’s and blog posts encourage people.  I have a soft spot for hurting people.  I am outspoken but I  am a sensitive person (sometimes too sensitive).

“I am never edified by what you say.”


Then God reminded me:


Praise God!

I dried my tears and I was EMPOWERED!

God also gave me laughter yesterday…FUNNY stuff all over the place!  Funny stories told by others, comments made by my boys, Tabby doing silly things, a quote here and there,  reading Tim Conway’s book…I’m just barely out of the Introduction.

Thank you God for laughter!

Thankfully, today is a day of rest.

I’m thinking about having a Pajama day…

Tomorrow we have lunch with friends that have been out of town for several months for hubby’s job.

Clinging close to Christ and Thanking Him for the Great Cloud of Witnesses, GMG and MTC  that has helped me get through this rough week!

To Him be ALL glory and praise!


5 thoughts on “Empowered!

  1. I wouldn’t listen to them. I have been edified a lot by what you write, and I actually look forward to your blog posts. I joined the M2C study because I had been watching your posts on the previous study. God has given you a gift in your writing and you are using it wisely. Don’t let the critics win.



  2. I love your blogs! Please don’t let the comments of one person be a stumbling block. Stay on the path that you know God has you on. You will be blessed.


  3. Oh Y’all that comment was just one of many things that could have gone wrong this week…I appreciate your sweet words but really didn’t make this post to focus on that one thing. It was a part of the whole week of being EMPOWERED by God to overcome the stumbling blocks put in my way.


  4. Hey, there, pretty lady! Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving me a sweet comment! I am so happy that you were able to be empowered through God after some not so great things happening this week. Isn’t the MTC study great so far? Praying for your success in this study!


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