FMF – Visit (a little late)

I realize it’s not Friday morning, it’s Tuesday morning, but I’m joining in Five Minute Friday a bit late.

This week’s word is VISIT:


My Daddy has a big family.  I think there are over 40 cousins.  One of my cousins and I counted a few years ago…by now there are more 🙂

Visiting is something we did often.  My Uncles Antebellum home in Murfreesboro, TN was often a gathering place.  In fact, my immediate family spent so many weekends there I felt like it was my second home.  But when the huge extended family was together it was the greatest.

I remember my 4 boy cousins coming to visit our house on more than one occasion.

My Uncle thought he could skateboard down our driveway with a little hill…WRONG.

My Daddy and him spent the day at the doctors office getting his arm cast.

We’d play cowboys and Indians. Yes in those days those were completely acceptable terms and I refuse to change them to be “politically correct.”

As adults, we’d gather at another Uncle’s house for Thanksgiving weekend reunions.

Louisiana brought my Grandma and Aunt and Uncle.

“Watch Your HAID, Turkey”  a sign hanging in the bayou next to a rubber chicken.  I have the picture somewhere.

Visits to Miami to see my Grandma when she lived there.  Finger bananas and breakfast on the beach.

I could write so much more…swimming in my Uncle’s pool and the adults playing Canasta (anyone remember that card game?)

Today we don’t visit as often.


I’ve seen several cousins over the last few years, thanks to facebook and knowing they were going to be in town.  I’m so thankful for those visits.

Good, no GREAT memories of visits with the family.

Those were the days…


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  1. Hi, visiting this Tuesday from FmF. Late afternoon here in Pretoria, South Africa. Yip, the visits you describe are not done anymore. We too used to do that. Now we barely have time to visit our siblings much less extended family. We played cowboys and Indians too with our Daisy guns.
    Ciao, Patricia


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