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Yesterday afternoon began a 3 day weekend with Shane’s extended family in a beautiful home some friends have graciously allowed us to use while his brother,wife and son are in town.

Shane’s family knows how to eat! And I when I say eat I mean plates piked high and more food than we can possibly eat EAT!

My eating plan probably looks somewhat different from many of yours. I’m not counting calories, avoiding sugar, etc. Almost 20 years ago, the summer before Shane and I married, I went through the Weigh Down Workshop. Although I would be hard pressed to recommended it now, many of the principles were good- really good. I lost 40+ pounds eating 2 scoops of ice cream for breakfast that summer. And I kept it off for over 10 years!

So today, my goal is to eat what I want (including ice cream and chocolate) in moderation.

I want to start reading my body again. Eating when I’m really hungry and stopping when I’m satisfied, not stuffed. I want to leave something on my plate (even if it’s just one bite). I want to use smaller plates and silverware so I “trick” myself into thinking that I’m eating a lot and so I will eat slower and not quickly stuff food into my mouth and therefore end up stuffing myself like a Thanksgiving turkey. I want to enjoy the flavors of the food I eat again. And I want to lose weight.

Back to this weekend.

The things I outlined will be HARD to do when almost everyone around me will be filling their plates high and going back for seconds and thirds but I am determined to succeed this weekend!

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2 thoughts on “#Determination

  1. praying for your success this weekend πŸ™‚ remember you are an OVERCOMER πŸ™‚ my plan is similar to your in that I am not particularly changing my diet… although I am keeping track of calories and will be adding more veggies and fruit to it in the near future


  2. You can do it! Remember STOP.PRAY.RESIST! I’m similar to you, although a little more restricted due to food allergies! I just try to eat a balanced diet – stop when I’m full, and listen to my body. If I’ve done a monster swim, I’ll eat a little more. I think that’s one of the most important factors – being able to read your body and know what it NEEDS…not necessarily just wants!
    Enjoy your time with the family – maybe you’ll end up encouraging them also πŸ™‚
    Sarah Travis (OBS Volunteer)


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