Gotta Write

I’m linking up with Lisa-Jo today for Five Minute Friday.  The rules are short and sweet.  Lisa-Jo gives writers a one word prompt.  The writer writes for 5 minutes on the word and stops at time. No re-writes, no edits, etc.  Link up at her page here  then visit the previous blogger.

The word prompt today is WRITE:

You may be wondering why there’s a video of Gene Kelly from Singing in the Rain when we’re supposed to be talking about writing.  Well…I LOVE dancing!  I taught ballroom dance a long time ago in a land far away for Fred Astaire Dance Studios.  For several years, I danced.  I LOVE watching Fred and Ginger glide across the floor, I love watching Gene Kelly, Danny Kaye and others…Singing in the Rain is one of my favorites!

But I also LOVE to write.  Hence the title of today’s blog:

Gotta Write

Writing is my outlet.  Do I write for others?  Not really.  I write for me.  If you benefit from it and enjoy my writing GREAT!  I love having feedback that my writing has been encouraging.

But I’d be perfectly ok if no one read this blog.

It’s for me.

Just like my journals.

I’ve been writing in journals for years.  Mainly prayers, but because of those prayers I have many years chronicled.  I can go back and see where I prayed for my sweet daughter Hannah when she was just 16 months old, before she became ours.  The same with the other 3.  I can see when God provided for needs when we weren’t sure where the house payment was going to come from.  I can see where I prayed for friends joys and struggles.


Writing is my outlet.  It is where I share my struggles, joys, and deepest darkest secrets with the holy, righteous, Triune God of the universe.  With the one who created me in the inner place.

So you see, just like Gene Kelly  “GOTTA dance”

I GOTTA write.

Have a wonderful day!




One thought on “Gotta Write

  1. I love this! I am just like you – I gotta write and can’t stop! I’ve always journaled like you since I was about 8 or 9. Today in my five minutes I realized that writing is my souls way of dancing. I think this five minute friday is just what i’ve been needing. Thanks for sharing your love of writing!


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