Another Disturbing Trend

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about a disturbing trend I’m seeing in the 30 something homeschool graduates. Today, I want to write about another disturbing trend I’m seeing that bothers me even more than the previous.

At one time, Christians were in the word, about the word, all around the word, through the word, on top of the word and underneath the word of God.

Now, we have cute little cliches. we say we’re studying the Bible, but really we’re reading a book with a few verses thrown in here and there. We’re weak believers. Immature with shallow roots. So why? Why are we shallow, following our heart believers instead of solid, in the word, ready to stand against wrong believers?

Today, I see Jesus missing.

We’re all about “Jesus wants us happy”

“Jesus wants me to follow my heart”

We’re beautiful.
We’re incredible.
We’re even awesome.

As I watched this I thought, this isn’t quite right…so I asked my husband to help me find what I was missing…

NO mention of Jesus!

At all!

He mentions “God” but my husband pointed out one of the comments made the observation that this could be in reference to any God, not the One, True God.

I’m not questioning who we are in Christ.  We these things and more, IF we have put our faith in Jesus as our personal savior and Lord, then YES we are, but we are only these things THROUGH Him!

Without Him we are ugly
Without him we’re nothing
Without Him we’re worse than nothing- we’re dung

In our Christian society, we’re missing JESUS!

Without Jesus we have no reason to live a holy and blameless life

I see a morally depleted society equating happiness with joy, which translates to, “I can live how I want because Jesus would want me happy, he wouldn’t want me to be in pain.”

Let me put it nicely:

Bull hockey!

Happiness is NOT joy.  Happiness is an emotion,  joy stems from the knowledge that, as a child of the One True God, as a co-heir with Christ, we have a hope and a future that is not of this world.

Jesus makes beautiful things from our pain. He is glorified in our discomfort. This, dear friends, is how we mature and grow-through the pain.

If we’re calling ourselves Christian and living for ourselves we’re no different than the world.

If you look at the statistics, those in the church are not much different than those outside the church

High divorce rate
Men steeped in porn

Folks we’re not living for Jesus! We’re living for ourselves and putting our own stamp of Jesus approval on our actions.

God is not pleased! He will not be mocked. He is slow to anger and abounding in love but his love is a complete love. He is also our final righteous judge.

His love is much different than what we call love.
He’s not reaching for 1 Corinthians 13, He IS 1 Corinthians 13!

He doesn’t have to try to be patient and kind and good
He IS patient and kind and good!

Because Jesus wants me happy and I’m not, I can divorce my husband

Because Jesus wants me happy and drinking makes me happy, I can get drunk.

Because Jesus wants me happy I can___(sin)__ you fill in the blank

In the study I am doing with Proverbs 31, we’ve been talking this week about how

everything is permissible but not everything is beneficial.

But this verse can be twisted by those that want to live their life to their own glory and only play and pretend that they want to glorify God.

Sex outside of marriage is not permissible, drunkenness is not permissible, anger is not permissible, unkind words are not permissible, stealing, lying and cheating are not permissible!

These things that God has outline in his word, and others, haven’t changed just because “Jesus wants us happy”

Neither is it a list of do’s and don’t’s. Legalism is not Christ.

Christ is God working in us. The power of the Holy Spirit in our lives because of Jesus shed blood on the cross draws us to obey him. It is grace when our flesh is weak that forgives our sin and gives us the strength to stand up and brush ourselves off and get back in the race.

But the enemy deceives. He devours. He lurks around…waiting.

This reminds me of Romans which says “shall we go on sinning that grace may increase? Certainly NOT! ”

Dear friend if you are living by your heart. If you are living as sin is permissible. If you have quenched the still small voice of God by living your way. I beg you. It’s not too late. It’s only too late when there is no more breath in your body.

Run to HIM

Cling to Him

Fall on your knees

He’s wanting to forgive you!

Yes, even you, the vilest of sinners.

Let His Holy Spirit have his way with you and call on the name of Jesus!

Jesus! Jesus! Jesus!

Oh Holy Father, your children, and myself, the chief of sinners, we so often fail and disappoint. We forget your son, our Lord. We put him aside so we can live life as we please. We only come to you when WE think we need you, not at all times. Father forgive us we really do not know the full extent of what we do. We are our own worst enemy and yours. We are easy pawns for Satan’s purpose. Just like sheep.  But we have reason for hope and joy! Thank you for the blood of the Christ, the Messiah, the Savior that covers our scarlet sins and makes them as white as newly fallen snow. Forgive us for living as everything is permissible when sin is not. Forgive us for our sinful behavior. Draw us to a holy life. Draw us to you! In Jesus name. Amen.

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  1. Hmmm. I also noticed he was speaking to an auditorium full of….no one! My interpretation is that no one fits his description. Therefore you are right – we are all worthless without Jesus Christ.


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