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Crave God more, is my goal for these six weeks.

I don’t expect to drop much weight in 6 weeks. Maybe a few pounds, but nothing substantial.  This is about getting back to a lifestyle I lived for over 10 years of my life.

I’m not into fad diets or cutting out things I love to eat. I’m more about eating food that I truly want  when I’m truly hungry and stopping when I’m satisfied.  I try to eat real food, haven’t had a coke in over a year, (although I will on occasion drink a whole foods coke with cane sugar).  I  avoid the dirty dozen, etc.  This doesn’t mean I won’t eat potato chips or the yummy eclair dessert I LOVE, (except I probably won’t make this for a while, because it makes a LOT and it’s extremely hard for me to resist because it tastes so good!)

I also want to exercise daily and go to God in prayer or read the Word, when I want to eat and I’m not hungry–that’s where the crave God comes in 🙂

So… What is the truth about my journey so far,  in this study?

The truth is that God loves me regardless of how much I weigh. I could weigh 300 pounds, 500 pounds or 110 pounds and God would love me.  The truth is I’m no where near any of those numbers.

The question however is?  Would I be loving him as much as I would if I craved God instead of food?

Last week in Chapter 8, Lysa mentioned Karen’s questions.  One of those questions is my jumping off place for today’s post.

“Before I hopped on the scale (or in my case looked in the mirror) did I think I had a God-honoring successful week?”

The truth isn’t always reflected in the scales, or in the mirror, or in the way my clothes feel.

The truth is reflected in what I did.  In the choices I made.

Did I hit Starbucks drive thru Monday when things were going whonky and I meeeeeeeeeeeded something to make me feel better?


Did I eat to the point of gluttony, and stuff myself any day this week?


Did I mindlessly eat just because that bag of chips was there?


Did I cling to God more and eat less?


The reality (aka, the truth) is that I exercised every day this week. I found refit revolution on youtube. GREAT workouts!

Check out their youtube channel here. 

(They even have a routine to Overcomer, but I haven’t tried it yet).  I’ve been doing about 15 -20 minutes every day since Saturday.  Using a cool down to warm up, two or three videos in the middle, and a cool down at the end.

Here’s one that I’ve been doing.

The truth is that I haven’t munched absentmindedly in the last 3 weeks nearly as much as I had been doing.

The truth is I’m thinking about almost everything that goes in my mouth and asking myself if I’m hungry or just eating to eat.

The truth is I’m eating less at every meal than I was 3 weeks ago.

The truth is I have clung to Christ more often during the difficult times in the last 3 weeks.

Have I lost weight?

I really don’t know. I haven’t been on a scale in years. I don’t want to be ruled by a scale now-although I probably will weigh myself soon just to see where I’m at.  In my younger years I was on the scale daily measuring my “success”.

Have I lost inches? Again, I don’t know. I feel like my clothes are a little looser, but the truth is, I’m not sure.

Do I look thinner when I look in the mirror?  Now here’s the rub.  NO!  In fact, I look a little more poochie around the middle…


The truth is I feel better overall whether or not I lose any weight…EVER!

The truth is, my closer to 50 year old body feels less creaky since I’ve been exercising daily.

The truth is exercise clears my mind, helps me think better.

The truth is it gives my children something to chuckle about…

If my clothes start falling off my body, I’ll be sure to let ya know 🙂

Have a wonderful, Christ centered day!


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  1. what a great post! I love your attitude! And thank you so much for sharing the youtube link. Looks like something I’d love!!! Keep up the awesome attitude!


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