Five Minute Friday – Garden

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This week’s word is GARDEN.

To be honest, I didn’t write this yesterday because I was thinking.  Garden?  Garden?  I don’t do garden’s well.  I try, but it seems I don’t have very much success.  But this morning, I was having my quiet time and thinking about Clinging to Christ, and Surrendering my All and the most famous GARDEN occured to me.

garden of gethsemene

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So, I dwelled on the Garden of Gethsemane for some time.

I have been struggling lately .  Holding on to things I have no business holding on to.  Living in frustration at life.  Living isolated even though there are 6 of us in our home.  Trying to do it on my own, even though God gave me a wonderful godly husband to run to on earth when life seems to be falling in on my.  And I’ve been pushing them away…

I picked up a book this morning I had gotten from the library and something this author wrote clicked with me.

I remembered the words to the hymn, I Surrender All, and I realized,

I haven’t been surrendering my all!


But I must go on, for this isn’t about Five Minute Fridays, but about cleansing and renewal and God’s grace in my weakness.

I’ve been clinging to the frustrations of life, and it’s been wearing me down.  There are thorns in my life that need to be removed.

Today I realized that I need to surrender ALL to Jesus! I hesitate to pray that God would pull out the thorns because I know that brings pain; but I KNOW that’s what I need to pray so desperately.

I haven’t been surrendering my all.  I haven’t been loving and trusting completely YOU, Lord Jesus!  I’ve been trying to do it in my own power, in my own strength and that just doesn’t work.

Father free me from the annoyances of life.  The frustrations.  The fears.

Help me trust YOU Lord Jesus!  Help me trust the family, the husband you gave me to walk with me, instead of fighting them.

All the problems of life, they are all yours to contend with, my responsibility is to surrender…

to give in to the grace that you took upon your  self.

The grace that started at the birth of Jesus.

That culminated that night when Jesus was taken away at Gethsemane.

That was sacrificed the day YOU were nailed to the cross in my place!

Father, fill me with your grace to live for you.  To rest in you.  To live the abundant life, not because this life will not be without troubles, because it certainly will not, but because I trust you with complete abandon.  With complete surrender.  With complete and total trust in you when I feel like life is falling in around me.


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  1. Hey Christine..Visiting from Five Minute Friday!.I know that feeling..When you’re 1 of 6 and still feel alone in the house. Certainly you’re busy and doing but you’re dry and in need of the One. Praise God he tapped your shoulder this morning. Blessings!


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