Technology is Permissible, But is it Beneficial?

Technology is permissible, but is it beneficial?

I’m not sure.  Yes, I’ve written about this before, and I ‘m still struggling through it.

This world survived for most of it’s existence without t.v., cell phones or the world wide web.  Up until a few years ago, a cordless phone was an amazing feat of technology.  My kids don’t remember getting close-lined by the telephone cord, or following it around the corner to find the person on the other end…

It has allowed people to explore the world without traveling to distant lands.

Instant research available 24/7.

The Gospel presented in multiple ways all over the world wide web.

Iron sharpening iron.

Connect with distant family and friends.

Sharing events, illnesses, prayer needs, etc.

It’s good to have “met” some wonderfully precious people on the other side of the world, or the other side of the country, that I can’t wait to greet in Heaven!

Yes, technology has bridged the gap.  It’s helped people remain in touch, garnered new friends, and built bridges. But let’s be honest.

Is it really that beneficial?

I’ll be greeting those sweet saints right along with all the other saints for the “no less days to sing His praise from when we first begun” of eternity whether I talked with them across the miles on this earth or not.

I saw a commercial this week during the Olympics  (and I can’t find it on the internet).  An attractive couple, aren’t they always,  was having a romantic dinner at a fancy restaurant.  The man was anxious, he was wanting to propose to the woman with her face in her phone!  She would momentarily look up and he would begin, then her text alert would start again…finally, he texted her, “look up”  and they lived happily ever after.

Or did they?

Is that really the woman he wants to marry????????

If I was that man, I’d be having second thoughts.

But I must admit, I myself have been guilty of not giving my beloved (and my children) my full attention when Facebook, text, email, the internet calls…

The world has shrunk.  Instant reply.  Instant phone.  Instant text.  Instant FB.  Instant Pictures.  Apparently, very few of us can’t stand to be away from our 576 FB friends for even one romantic evening with the man we think we will spend the rest of our life with, but statistically, probably won’t.

When things at home aren’t going well. It used to be that  Momma would tell the children, “Just wait until your father gets home”  Now, it’s, “go get the phone and call your dad.”

Having instant access isn’t always a good thing.  Quite honestly it has brought more stress into my life, and  less dependence on God.

Yes, I said that.

Because I can run to the phone, my email, text, etc.  I tend to run to Shane first and God later…whereas, if I didn’t have immediate access (most often) to Shane, my first thought most often might be, “let’s pray about this guys”

I don’t even have to cool off any before I pick up the phone.  Or hit the send button, or write something stupid in the status or comment section on FB.

The first place I run should NOT be my husband.

It should NOT be Facebook, or Twitter, or email or any other place.

The first place I run, should be to my LORD!

There are stories all over the internet where women badger their men, or men they want to be theirs to the point of stalking through technology, others discussing how people use their technology while sharing intimate moments with their significant other.

And here’s where it hurts. Blogging is technology too…and honestly I’m struggling with how much is too much of a good thing.

A couple of weeks ago, for Five Minute Friday I wrote on “Gotta Write”  and I do.  I LOVE to write down my thoughts, I love to start and just seen where it goes.  I love to find a topic and run with it.

But, do I have to put it out here for all you people to read and critique?

I’ve been carrying around one of those yellow letter size pads for a few weeks.  Not everywhere I go, but if I’m going to have a few minutes somewhere, I carry it.  IF I write truly for me, as I said in that FMF post, and not for anyone else to read, why do I translate much of what I write on that yellow pad to this blog?

Even the TV falls into this category.  We’ve had the TV on in our home more the last two weeks than we ever have it on.  We’ve been watching, and enjoying the Olympics.  But, it has brought some emotion to the top.

I mean did we really need to see Bodie Miller fall apart because some reporter decided to badger him to the point of breaking down, about his brothers death a few months ago?

I was nearly in tears with this hurting soul.  I was angry at that reporter, and apparently, so were many other people.

Yes, stress has always been a part of life.  100 years ago, no electricity.  No electric washer, no dishwasher, no tractor to plow the fields.  Life was much harder then—in some ways.

In others, I think I’d rather go back.  Back to the time when letters were written sharing the news.

Or, when people picked up the phone to hear each others voice.

And you had to wait for an entire season to find out what happened to J.R.

Oh, I realize technology isn’t going anywhere.

I’m resigning myself to the fact that my kids and future generations are going to be plugged in to a gadget.  I’m plugged in more than I’d like to be most of the time…

I realize there can be some usefulness to the technology around us.

But, I mourn the days of old where a pleasant evening involved having  lemonade on the front porch with the neighbors.

…and I’m sad.