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I’m linking up with Lisa-Jo again for Five Minute Friday.  Here are the details

The word today is small.


I’m a 70’s girl.  So the first thing I thought of was the episode of the Brady Bunch where Bobby is too small… (Oh my!  Look at those pants!  On second thought, DON’T, they’re obnoxious! )

But in the end, Bobby makes the realization  that it’s ok to be small.  Because little people can do big things.  He ended up saving himself and his big brother from a frozen meat locker because he was small…big brother would never have fit through that window.

In the Bible, Timothy is told, to not let people look down upon him because he is young.   In other words because he is small.

I have learned so many things from small people.  They have a different perspective.

So pure.

So innocent.

So different.

They even see different things than we do, because their perspective is different.

They see the beauty in a brown leaf.

In a dandelion that they bring to Momma on an early spring day like it’s the most precious, perfect rose (or in my case daffodil) ever.

They see the beauty in a rolly polly or a worm or an ant.

They stop to observe and think about things.

Things that I’m oftentimes to busy to think about anymore in my grown up world.

Sometimes I think I need to stop and remember those things.

Sometimes we need to see things from a child’s eye.

We might learn something in the process.



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