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I’m posting again for the Proverbs 31 blog hop.  Yes, two in one week, but  I have a different perspective on what is beneficial for me, and I would like to outline it here.

1 Corinthians 10:23

“All things are lawful,” but not all things are helpful. “All things are lawful,” but not all things build up. ESV

“Everything is permissible”–but not everything is beneficial. “Everything is permissible”–but not everything is constructive. NIV

Lysa talks in Chapter 15 of Made to Crave about  the 7 boundaries she came up with to keep her on track and then asks us to determine if these boundaries are freedom or a restriction.

I realize that we all have different ideas about what we should and should not eat.  My lifestyle change looks different.  For me, as these are written by Lysa, they are restrictive.  So I’m amending her plan.

20 years ago this summer, I participated in the Weigh Down Workshop.  While I cannot advocate that program now, and there are many reasons, I did glean some great wisdom from much of the original program.

These are the things I’ve concluded, some from WDW and others from different places over the years.

Eat when my body is hungry (this is where my battle the last few years has been)

Stop when I’m satisfied, not when I’m stuffed.  (I want to use a scale from 1-10.  1 is empty 10 is stuffed.  I should begin eating when I’m about a 2 or 3 and stop at a 6 or 7. )

Use smaller utensils and smaller plates.

Eat what my body craves, just eat smaller portions.

Drink when I am thirsty.

Go to God when I want to eat but am not hungry.

God made all food good.  this means I eat food that resembles the way God intended it, minimally processed, pesticide free, real food.

This however,  does not mean I won’t eat “junk” food.  I LOVE potato chips, ice cream, and a Butterfinger bar just as much as anyone.  I’m just going to cut down my intake.  Instead of 1/2 a bag of chips, I’m going to have a handful. Instead of several scoops of ice cream, I’m going to have 2.  And I’ll take a mini candy bar please 🙂

To me, these things take as much willpower as deciding to eat baked fish and broccoli, maybe more so.    I like fish.  I like broccoli.  Sometimes that’s exactly what my body wants.  But sometimes it wants the chips and salsa.  Sometimes my body craves those wasabi hot roasted seaweed snacks from Trader Joes.  However, my body, NEVER craves a McDonald’s hamburger, maybe a Sausage Egg McMuffin, but their hamburgers do NOT appeal to me at all anymore.

So my 7 Healthy Boundaries (amended from Made to Crave)

1.  God has given me power over my food choices, I hold the power, not        the  food.  (yes, this one is Lysa’s and it’s good for everyone!)

2.  I was made to glorify God in my eating and in all of my life.

3.  When I am tempted to eat mindlessly, I will ask myself if I am truly hungry.

4.  When I am tempted to overeat, I will ask myself how I will feel after I eat to the point of stuffed and am uncomfortable.

5.  If I am in a situation that tempts me to overeat, or eat mindlessly, I will remove myself from the situation, if possible, or I will pray/recite scripture in my mind as I’m eating or when I consider returning for more food.

6.  Struggling with weight isn’t God’s curse for me; It’s one of God’s ways to get my attention and draw me closer to Him.

7.  I will listen to my body and let it be the boundary for what I eat and drink, and how much I eat and drink at any given time.  (for further explanation, see the comment section)

There you have it.   I hope it encourages someone else on this journey.


5 thoughts on “What is Beneficial

  1. 7. “I will listen to my body and let it be the boundary for what I eat and drink, and how much I eat and drink at any given time.”

    Can you give me more insight on how you “listen” to your body?

    6. “Struggling with weight isn’t God’s curse for me; It’s one of God’s ways to get my attention and draw me closer to Him.”

    I love this!!


    • How do I listen to my body? Part of this is just a further extension of eating/drinking when I’m hungry/thirsty. Our bodies tell us, our tummies will growl or feel empty when we are hungry, or our mouth will be dry when we are thirsty.

      I also believe our bodies will give us insight to what it needs. Sometimes I crave salt, so I’ll eat a few chips, other times I’ll crave pasta, so I’ll make a small bowl of noodles. Sometimes I really do crave those Trader Joe’s seaweed snacks. My body is iodine deficient -I think that’s part of why it craves those at times. I’ll crave protein at other times.

      Our bodies will never want chocolate for every meal, eventually we would be sick of chocolate, sometimes it will want chocolate, sometime. it will want broccoli. This is something I got from the WDW that I feel was very was beneficial. (From what I remember, Gwen Shamblin’s first book, The Weigh Down Diet” had the good guidelines without the weirdness. I’ve just read too many strange things about her over the years to recommend what she does now). Drinking? most of the time I want water, or coffee but sometimes milk or a glass of wine is what my body wants. I avoid coke (with HFCS) because I think HFCS is nasty and my body doesn’t crave it any longer. I’ve had Pepsi throwback in the cabinet before that I have truly forgotten was there, because I didn’t want it. I have been seeing a homeopath and a chiropractor for some health issues I’m working through and it’s been interesting to see that what I crave contains exactly the vitamin/mineral that my body is missing. (like the salt).

      One thing I forgot to mention that I have been purposefully done is eating slowly…I have read somewhere that food takes 20 minutes to get to the stomach. If we eat quickly, we eat more, and we can eat to the point of stuffed before our stomachs even know that there is something in them. So I try to eat slowly (the reason for smaller utensils) and I also try to leave at least 1 bite on my plate.

      I hope this helps. Thanks for asking!


  2. #6 on your list!! LOVE!! The funny thing is, I know what it takes to lose weight, I know what it takes to pack on the pounds and before coming to Christ I never thought about my choices in any area of my life let alone food!! So #7, is in the knowing of my body and of that still small voice that sometimes needs to be Fred Flintstone loud!! haha Loved your post today. Blessings on your journey sister!!

    Trish (P31 OBS Blog Hop Team)


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