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I’m linking up with Lisa-Jo again for Five Minute Friday.  This is one of my favorite times of the week.  To take one word and write.  Sometimes I start with one direction and God takes my words a different direction.  It’s always exciting for me to see what’s going to come out.  It’s always exciting for me to read the ways God has molded other FMF writers; some have similar posts, some have very different posts.  Some I really resonate with and others I’m scratching my head trying to get my small mind around.

So the word for this week is: Choose.  (For some reason today, I’m hearing the host of the old game show Password say the word, and see it written across the TV screen in my mind–odd mind I have today 🙂

Ready.  Set. Go.


We all have choices.

We chose to follow our hearts, or follow Scripture.

Follow that car!

But what is really important?  What is the most important choice one can make?

Of course, the answer is choosing God.  But how does this work?   Do we choose God, or does God choose us.  This is the age-old question.

I say both.

From our perspective, we chose God, but in His divine sovereignty He chose us before the world began.  Yes, we have free will, we can chose to take one highway or another to our destination, but God already knows which way we’re going because everything in our life is foreordained.  It is planned by the almighty God of the universe.

Every step we take.

Every place we go.

Every “evil” that comes upon us God allows for our good (somehow) and His glory.

And every good thing that comes our way.  This is not chance or happenstance.  It is His doing in our lives.

This comforts me.  This frees me.  Yes, it seems oxymoronic to say.  But there is freedom in knowing that the God who created it all in 6 days and rested on the 7th has every step of my life in His hands.

Yes, I still worry from time to time but not in the same way I have in the past.

You see this takes the responsibility off of me.  No, it doesn’t make me irresponsible.  I still have the responsibility to live responsibly.  I still have the responsibility to tell people about Him and in fact, I want to tell people about him even more so now.

But I am not responsible for the outcome.  I don’t have to


I don’t have to beat people over the head to “make” them come to Christ.

I don’t have to be sad when “only” one person has come to know Christ through the crisis pregnancy center in town during the past year.  Or on the mission field, or in my own life as I tell people about my Lord.   I take comfort that God, in His sovereignty has it all figured out.  That the people I mentioned are planting seeds that someone else will water, and someone else will harvest.  I take comfort in God being the perfect just and righteous God.

I don’t have to worry about the days ahead because there are no surprises with God.  He has my back.  He may not always share His plan with me, but that doesn’t make His plan any less…that makes my need for faith and trust more.

And I’m ok with that.





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