When the Parent Schools the Child and God Schools the Parent

We are in that season of life where our house is filled with hormones.  Sometimes that makes for an interesting place.  Sometimes hubby is the only sane person in the house.

We all have very different personalities with very different ideas on things “should be” done.

There’s been a storm brewing for a time now.  Personalities clashing, hormones kicking up.  It’s been on the horizon for a while.

Two boys at opposite ends of the personality spectrum and the same two boys at the opposite end of the how we do things spectrum.  And one tired, worn out Momma makes for an interesting morning.

As God was (for the most part) giving me grace to deal with the brewing situation; he was preparing me to be schooled right along with them.

As I was attempting to confront the issue between them, I was praying that God would give me the grace to handle the situation the right way and that I would reach them and get to the middle of the infection instead of just putting another band-aid over it so it could fester more.

He gave me an idea.

I started telling them a story.  I told them to imagine they were grown and someone had broken into their home and stolen all of the many (or few) valuables they owned.  They saw the culprit, and not only had they seen him, they KNEW him!  They knew his name, where he lived, etc.  but instead of calling the police, they decided to catch the thief.  They geared up.  Put on their cameo; grabbed their guns and ammo; and any other weapons they had and off they went.  But, the police saw them, the innocent ones, but the police didn’t know about the robbery. They became vigilantes; renegades and rebels.  The police had no way to know that they were the good guys; so they were arrested while the real criminals got off free.   However, if they had called the police and told them that they had seen the thief, described him, gave them his name and address and then let the police take care of the problem, they could rest easy.  No arrest, no record, no embarrassment.  No vigilante.    Immediately, Isaac says “but what if they run to Mexico?  (good boy took my bait).  Yes Isaac, they could but what would you do?  Would you then pack up your arsenal and take the law into your own hands?   After a moment, he answered, no.   So, you’d have to leave it, right?  Right.  And you’d have to trust that the authorities had it covered; or that God would ultimately take care of it, right?  Right Mom.

So, Dad and I are the police and you two have been the vigilantes.  You have loaded yourself up with your arsenal and taken the law into your own hands.

I see the light dawning in their eyes; and the frustration leaving…

I further continue…

And quite honestly when that happens your pride is rising to the surface.  You want justice!  You DESERVE justice!

But sons.  You don’t deserve justice.  You deserve nothing.  You are an ant trying to tell the elephant what to do.   And they got it!

And then I heard, “you too.”

OUCH!  Schooled with the children; by God the Father.

You see, I have been complaining about all the driving between here and campus; trying to keep up with laundry, meals, keeping the house reasonably caught up, etc.  No one else has these responsibilities, not to mention a 45 minute ride ONE way!   What a pity party I’d been having…

Last night on the way home, near midnight, I threw water on my dirty windshield because the wiper fluid wasn’t working.

I threw it on the drivers side windshield.

It was 20 degrees outside!

Not the smartest thing I’ve ever done.

I had Hannah call Shane so he could tell her how to FIX it and I’d have my hands free to do what he said.

But there was no wiper fluid in the car; there was no de-icer.  There was nothing in this car to help with my problem.  I was MAD!  It was late!  I was tired! And I didn’t deserve this!

After the fluid tube defrosted a little, a little windshield wiper fluid squirted out; and I was able to use the ice scraper to get a clean windshield.

It didn’t take long to realize how foolish I had been, I mean really, what fool throws water on a windshield when it’s 20 degrees outside??????

When I got home I snuggled up close to my forgiving husband and repented for taking my frustration out on him.

But…I. didn’t. learn.

Repeat this morning with Hannah, as she was up early walking down the hallway with her shoes on at 6:15 am!

Then God schooled me!

I am still exhausted; but with God’s gentle “you too”  He has humbled me right along with my boys.

Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound that saved a wretch like me…