So The Romeikes Can Stay?

In a seemingly strange turn of events, the Department of Homeland Security has decided the Romeikes a “famous” (at least to home educators) German homeschooling family that fled their homeland after threat of having their children removed because they choose home education over state schooling can stay in America.

The Romeikes fled Germany in 2008 to avoid the compulsory education law and to have the freedom to home educate their large family.

But it’s been an uphill battle.  Until yesterday the Romeikes were going home to face the music of the German system unless something drastic happened.  Why?  Because the Supreme Court decided NOT to hear their case for asylum.  Removal of their children, fines etc.  awaited them upon return to their homeland.

But in an unheard of event the Department of Homeland Security has decided they can stay indefinitely.

And many are praising God for this miraculous decision!  And they should!

How nice of the DHS!

Or is it?

While I am thankful that the Romeikes get to stay, you can be sure there is an agenda behind the decision.  This is a government that has been slowly (and sometimes rather quickly) stripping Americans of their freedoms and rights for a long time…and we’ve allowed it. Most Americans have forgotten that this is a “government of the people, by the people, for the people.”  Lincoln continued,” that shall not perish from the earth.”

Or will it?

This decision is just one step in the process.   The administration wants us to relax and rest.  They want us to think we’re safe.  But let me assure you, it’s NOT time to relax and rest. 

This is a war!  We must be on guard, something bigger is coming.

HSLDA (Home School Legal Defense Association) has been battling to keep the Romeikes in this country, every step of the way.

At one point Eric Holder even made the statement that “home schooling is not a fundamental right”

This is coming from the Attorney General of an administration that believes no one has any fundamental rights for anything.

But now, they’re playing nice and telling the Romeikes “you can stay”

Don’t be foolish!

It’s coming.

Are you battle ready?

You better get that way if you aren’t!

It won’t be as easy this time around.  And in case you’ve been under a rock for the last 30 years,  it wasn’t easy the first time; but it will be much, much harder this time.

There is no radar to sneak under, there is no Doctor with his traveling blue box to rescue us.  With modern technology, there’s no place to hide unless you’re totally unplugged.

But home educators have never been ones ready to sit down and take it.  So I don’t imagine we will now.   On the other hand, I wonder…because the face of home ed has changed over the past 30 years.  Many home educators that didn’t have to fight or don’t know people that were in the fight are soft.  They want to take advantage of government school “services”  they’ll homeschool a year to “catch the kids up” and then put them back into government school.

These people don’t understand this is a WAR!  They don’t understand that what is now happening in Germany, happened in this country too!

In a war, you don’t walk up to the enemy and ask to borrow their ammo!  You make your own!  And we have.  Anything the government school does, we can do, and most often better.  Whoops, I’m  getting ready to go down a bunny trail, but I’ll refrain. That’s another days topic.

There are no federal regulations for home education at this point; but considering the administration’s view on pretty much everything, you can be assured there is a time coming…

My guess?  It’ll probably begin in the form of Common Core requirements for home educators…DON’T get me started on CC!  We think we have poor government education now?  Just wait!

Be sober-minded; be watchful. Your adversary the devil  prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour.  1 Peter 5:8