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I’m linking up with Lisa Jo again today.  The rules are simple.  Using her word prompt, you type for 5 minutes.  No edits, no worries.  Just do it.  Link up.  Read the person before you and leave a comment.   Enjoy!

Ready?  GO!

I’ve been reading Ann Vaskamp’s book One Thousand Gifts  and I have NEEDED it.  My level of gratefulness has stunk lately.  So I started my list of 1000 gifts a few days ago and it has changed my outlook.  Some moments I do batter than others, as I’m sure we all do and I will continue…that’s human nature.  But it has given me a new perspective when I’m willing to stop and think about it.

I’m reading a section just now about being in a hurry and missing things.  It made me think of Alabama’s song I’m in a Hurry to Get Things done, rush and rush until life’s no fun..and I realized that oftentimes when I’m frustrated it’s because I’ve got my own plan, or I’m rushing to do what needs to be done.  So I pulled out my journal and here’s what I wrote:

Slow down.  Don’t go so fast.

Praise God and make it last.

Enjoy the gifts that God has given

on this earth– and look toward Heaven.

Life is not a game we play; hurry up and sit all day.

It is to be savored and enjoyed.

Sit back. Relax.  Slow down.

See God’s hand all around.

And if you just can’t get that Alabama song out of your head…



2 thoughts on “FMF Grateful

  1. I’m your neighbor today at Five-Minute Friday, and we’ve got more in common than where our posts happened to end up on the linkup. 🙂 My attitude has been less-than-grateful lately, too. I’m turning over a new leaf and am going to do a better job being grateful…and I’ve never read Ann’s book, either- maybe I should put it on my list. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!


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