Blogging…The Wrong Reason

I just finished reading an article entitled “Why Bloggers Fail”  It had some good information; however the entire goal was centered around success of having a blog that garnered almost a media worthy amount of attention.   Granted I haven’t read any other articles on this website, so this may not be what he is saying.

Well, maybe I’m strange, but that’s not why I’m blogging.  I mean, would it be nice?  Well, yes of course.

But is that WHY I’m blogging?

Well, ummmm… no.

I’m not exacting sure when I started blogging.  I looked several months ago but now I don’t remember.  I wrote it down on a posty note, but right now, my desk looks like a tornado struck it, so I have no idea where I’d find that little square posty note.

It’s been a least 8 years.

Not always regular mind you; but my blog was birthed on Homeschool Blogger way back in the dinosaur days of blogging.  Eventually, it moved to WordPress and has evolved from there (or devolved depending on how you look at it).  Back in the day, I blogged every day; sometimes multiple times a day.  Back on HSB I had several hits a day.  Was I ever a blogger everyone read?  No.  I think in it’s heyday…well, I’m afraid to say; because I honestly don’t remember.   I remember getting excited about the number of visitors or page views I had, but I have low expectations, so 5 hits a day could have excited me.

I never got their blogger of the week, award (or whatever it was called).   In fact, I never got any awards.  But I was happy reading other blogs and making blogging friends.   In fact, that was pretty much my goal.  I needed support.  We had just moved to the country and brought Malachi home.  Things were tough and I needed an outlet.  HSB became my outlet, and Christi, Marsha, Heather, Sandi, and many others who went away when google reader died became my circle…

So, today’s blogging world seems to be about

promoting your blog the “right” way.

getting readers.

and making money.

Well, you want to know something?

I could care less about promoting my blog, getting readers and making money from it.

Now, making blogging friends…that’s another story.  I still have several friends from my HSB days.  Few of us blog anymore, now we’re on Facebook together.  Some I know in real life, others I can’t wait to meet in Heaven.  But all still there.

Today’s blogging world has changed.

It seems to be about making the big time.  Getting the hits and making money.

I left a comment on the above mentioned article, and wanted to expound on it here.

This type of blogging reminds me of a get rich quick scheme.

Or better yet, like the little boys in the inner city who grow up thinking they’ll be the “ONE” to make it to the big time as some famous line backer for the Broncos, or the next Michael Jordon (Boy! Did I just age myself!)  So they neglect their studies to spend time on the basketball court…and they fail.

Or like all the aspiring actors and actresses that see the glamorous side of Hollywood, the few that “make it”, but not the endless hours it took self-promoting and  going to auditions only to find out they are just like a million others.  Or  heartache that can come from that lifestyle…and they fail.

How many bloggers out of 100 actually “make it?”  I don’t know.  But my guess is, not even 1.

So I’ll just keep blogging for myself.

Writing about topics that I’m passionate about.

Maybe many times over.

Somewhat like playing a pick up game of basketball, or, acting in community theater.

And I’m perfectly content with that.