Worldly Christ

I see a dangerous trend in the church today. It’s one I’m afraid will not be heard because people are seeking their own way to Christ. In their quest for knowledge, they discount what others say because they are so much wiser.

Or, they think they are.

I remember doing that as a young believer.

We were living in Texas at the time. We had been married for about 1 1/2 years. I was about 4 years old in Christ; Shane was younger than me but had grown up in the church, and had been a diligent student of His word most of his life. So much older and wiser in God’s word.

We were a part of a church that was much like many today. We were enlightened. We had THE direct line to God himself.

Holiness was measured by outward factors:

Did you raise your hands during worship
Did you get “a word” from the Lord
Were you slain in the Spirit at the prayer meeting.

If you didn’t. Well you weren’t holy enough.

Shane didn’t raise his hands. (It’s not his style).

Oh boy! Was I deceived!

And I didn’t want to listen to my husband.

What others have is of little value, if you’ve got it figured out.

Do you remember the first rubber bracelets?
The “WWJD” trend?

What Would Jesus Do?

That was the question Christians asked…

Today I’m seeing a different trend.

One that says “I’ll do what I want because I have freedom in Christ” “His grace is sufficient”

Some that don’t invoke the name of Jesus,or they invoke their own twisted view (Joyce Meyers).

Or water Him down (Joel Osteen)

And others that think their own words are just as powerful as Scripture (Sarah Young)

We read these people and accept their teachings and we are led astray.

We think we have freedom to do whatever we want.

There are several ways this belief manifests itself.

We make it ok to live our lives the way we want:

To get close to drunk.
To wear immodest clothes
To follow our hearts

But those things really aren’t the issue.

They never are.

It boils down to one thing.

The heart.

When the church begins to listen to the world, it gets subtly sucked in.

The world says I can do what I want. I can live my life for me. If you can’t handle it tough! It’s not my problem! Deal with it!

I’ve seen this same sentiment among Christians recently.

We sound intelligent to ourselves. But really:

WHA WHA WHA WHA WHA  (insert Charlie Browns teacher voice here)

We think we are strong.

We think we are becoming more holy.

But really it’s our human foolishness.

We are much like the emperor in his “new” clothes.

We’re walking around naked, thinking we’re clothed in the most magnificent clothing ever.

We’re not fooling the world.

We’re only fooling ourselves.

There is nothing new under the sun.

It is NOT ok  to wear a bikini -I don’t care HOW good you look in it.

It is NOT ok to go out on the town and drink to the point of “almost” drunk.

It is NOT ok to do everything but the actual act of sex. (I don’t care what Bill Clinton said – oral sex is sex!)

It is NOT ok to follow your dreams, or your heart!

And it’s not ok to live your life to the fullest while you trample on your brothers and sisters in Christ.

It is ok to draw near to God.

In fact, when we do, He promises that he will draw near to you.

There you will find holiness.

And that my friends is TRUE freedom!


3 thoughts on “Worldly Christ

  1. Beautiful! I see so many people more concerned about their theology or “their story” than seeing brokeness and reaching out to it. Very few people Invite lost people into their homes, or even venturing into theirs (as Christ did)
    Thank you cousin!


    • Christ was very particular about theology. Scripture is clear, but Christ was not legalism. Yes, “grace is sufficient” but not “I’ve got grace, so I’ll live the way I want.” This seems to be prevalent in the current culture. I see people throwing Biblical theology out in favor of what “feels” right. What “feels” right isn’t always right, in fact, many times, do I dare say most times?, it’s absolutely wrong. When this happens we become weak Christians and begin to look like the world.


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