Book Review: Yawning At Tigers

You may have noticed a new button on my side bar.  It is linked to and allows me to get free books for reviews on my blog.  So this is my first.

Yawning at Tigers: You Can’t Tame God, So Stop Trying by Drew Dyck is a worthwhile read.  It is a wealth of information in an easy to read manner.   The first half of the book talks about the complacency that Christians have fallen into by not seeing God in all his holiness.  We have brought him down to our human level and by doing so we have “tamed”  God to our human box.  But just like a tiger, God cannot be tamed.   Dyck says “Rarely do we hear about  God’s mystery, and majesty, let alone whisper a word about his wrath.” His premise is that God is dangerous but we have belittled him to a cute little kitty cat that pours out his affection on us without threat of consequences and this just isn’t who God is, or what God does. The book includes several quotes from solid bible teachers and in my opinion, that lends to his credibility.

The 2nd part of the book focuses on our relationship with Christ.  He discusses the fact that God never abandons his children who continue to sin.  Then he talks about reaching out to those around us; those that are in the world.  He says it won’t be comfortable, but going back to the tiger illustration, things of God are not meant to be comfortable.  In one of the last sentences in the book, he says,” in our attempt to tame the Almighty; we succeed only in confining ourselves.”  He challenges us us to get out of comfortable and into standing in awe at God’s incomprehensible ways.

His entire goal for the book is to remind us that God is nothing like a human being.  He is dangerous and we should stand in awe of him.  This has been lost. He wants to revive it.  His book is a good start.

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