FMF Begin

This is Lisa- Jo’s last week for hosting 5 minute Friday’s. How fitting that she not chose a word for the week like final, or last or end

But she chose begin.

I am away from my desk but time starts now:


I am so thankful to my Lord and Savior for new beginnings. New mercies. Every day. Every minute. Every hour.

Yesterday afternoon was not pleasant. Some unkind words spoken, to who, doesn’t matter. There are 6 people in my home so take your pick. I’m not tellin.

This morning the sting was still there. Part of the unkind words were mine.

But repentence brings forgiveness which brings beginnings.


So today I begin (again) to let go of past regrets.

To let go of frustrations (I.e. Anger)

To let go of the sorrow over missed opportunities.

And to begin allowing my husband (Godsend that he is) to comfort me in the pain. In the regrets of the things I missed while I was sick.

To begin


Putting those things behind me. And to laugh at myself and enjoy life again!

Here’s to having FUN!



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