God Have Mercy…

By now I’m sure you’ve heard.

Robin Williams is dead.

Mr. Williams was an extremely funny man; but battled depression and addictions throughout his life.

Robin Williams  death is tragic.   He was a young 63 years old.  And there isn’t a reason good enough for anyone to take their own life.  Even when things appear so hopeless. Many years ago, we had a friend that took his own life.  The funeral home overflowed with those that loved and cared for Mike.  His death was tragic because he was so loved and cared for by these people, but apparently he didn’t know how well loved he really was, or maybe he was so deep in the depression that he couldn’t rationalize that he was loved, and help was available.  I’m assuming Mr. Williams was the same.

There are several of his movies I love, Mrs. Doubtfire, Dead Poet’s Society and who can forget,  “GOOOOOOOOOOD MORNING VIEEEEEEEETNAM!!!!!!!!!!!!”   I will never forget Na-Noo, Na-Noo,   This relatively unknown, cute quirky man who played an alien named Mork with bright colored suspenders and strange habits, like sitting on his head and talked to his leaders via an egg sort of transport at the end of every episode.

God truly blessed Mr. Williams with talent equal to very few.

I have seen many condolences expressed all over the internet.  Many well wishers comforting themselves with “RIP, Robin Williams” condolences.

His death is tragic, not only because he felt so alone that he took his own life, but because there is no evidence that he will “RIP”

A while back I wrote about the deaths of Michael Jackson, Ed McMahon and Farrah Faucett.  Each of these people contributed entertainment to our lives; but what did they really leave for eternity?

I ask the same of Robin Williams, what did he REALLY leave for eternity?  According to Wikipedia, he was Episcopalian, but growing up in or claiming a denomination doesn’t make one a believer.  I never heard him talking about any kind of relationship with Christ.  In fact, sometimes he was downright raunchy in his humor and speech.

Maybe I’m wrong.  Maybe he did really have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  But there is nothing to show any evidence.  His lifestyle didn’t reflect it.  His movies didn’t reflect it.  His life didn’t reflect it.

Rest in Peace.  How can those that don’t know Jesus “rest IN peace”?  I know Hell is not a popular topic, but whether we like it or not, it does exist.  Many will be surprised to find that being a “good” person isn’t enough.  God is a merciful God.  None of us deserve anything but hell!  But he gives the offer to all to be saved through the blood of Jesus Christ, God’s one and only son begotten to take away the sins of the world.

That is God’s mercy.

I am reminded of the story of the Rich man and Lazarus in Luke 16.  The rich man, lived his life on this earth for himself.  Lazarus, it seems, did not.  Lazarus went to Abraham’s side.  The rich man did not.  I am not speculating to be a great theologian, but this is the only example I can think of in scripture that gives us a glimpse of what may happen on the other side.

There used to be a time when instead of RIP (Rest in peace), people said, “God have mercy on their soul”

God have mercy on their soul.

Much more accurate for those that know the Lord, and for those that don’t.  We ALL need mercy.  Every day.  Every hour.  Every second of life.  Or death.

So instead of Rest in Peace, I ask God to have mercy on Robin William’s soul.

That truly brings me peace.  Not just for Robin Williams but for all that leave this earth with certain or uncertain eternal future.

God is a just God.  The only truly just and righteous being in existence.  He is the only one that can truly offer mercy to any of us.

Do you know Jesus as your personal savior?  If so, I look forward to rejoicing with you for eternity.  If not, it’s not too late.   Being a “good” person.  Being a “funny” person.  Being a “nice’ person isn’t enough.  We have ALL sinned.  We’ve all fallen short.  We all NEED God’s grace and mercy.   If you think you’re a good person, please visit this website:  http://www.areyouagoodperson.org

I recommend you begin reading one of the Gospels.  For now, bypass the geneologies and pick up with the accounts of John the Baptist and Jesus’s coming to earth.  Find a solid Bible teaching church.  If you need help finding one, please contact me.  Shane has studied all sorts of denominations, and non-denominations and we can help you find a solid teacher near you.   Listen to good Christian radio.  http://www.bottradionetwork.com  has good solid Bible teachers like Chuck Swindoll, R.C. Sproul, Alistar Begg and others.   You can do this in the privacy of your home, or car.  Leave a comment or contact me, if we can encourage you!

God bless you.  And May God have mercy on ALL of our souls!



3 thoughts on “God Have Mercy…

  1. Thank you for sharing these profound and very true thoughts. I am saved by His grace but it hasn’t always been that way. I have had suicidal thoughts and plans in my past. I get where the mind is and it is not in it’s “right” place. I thank God for keeping me from moving to completion.

    Yes hell IS very real. As a matter of fact I have been thinking about writing about it on my blog. These tragedies help us even more to share the very real truth that there is a choice in our eternal destination. I shudder at the thought of anyone living “forever” among the lost, dwelling with Satan. I pray that our country will open their minds and hearts to this fact. In the meantime I am so grateful to be a Christ follower.

    Blessings Christina


    • Thank you for commenting Christina! I’m so thankful that God has kept you from completing your plan. He is a great and awesome God. I too pray that God will turn the hearts of this country (and to the world) to himself. My heart aches for those that don’t know His peace. God bless you.


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