Five Minute Friday—Tell

We have a new host for Five Minute Friday, but the rules are still the same.  One word.  Five minutes.  Errors.  Mistakes.  Misspellings and all.  The goal is to get people to move from thinking about writing to actually writing.  So here goes.  The word for this week:


5 Minutes starts now.

Tell.  What do I tell?  I’m an open book.  I probably tell too many things.  But I’d rather be telling people and being myself than not telling and being someone I am not.

I pray that my telling of my struggles will encourage others.

I pray that telling others of my thoughts on Christianity, home education, marriage, death, adoption, or whatever else I chose to share helps to encourage others to think outside their world.

You don’t have to agree with me, but I do ask that you be nice about it.  Several years ago, I might not have agreed with me on several topics… hopefully we all grow and change over the years.

Tell the story of Jesus.  Jesus loves YOU.  Call to Him, he will answer.

Tell the story of 20 years of marriage in a day when many people don’t bother with marriage, or instead shack up or have babies without shacking up or marrying.

Tell the story of not only 20 years of marriage, but 20 years of still being madly in love with my man and him in love with me.

Of being married when I looked for love in all the wrong places for many years.

Tell the story of GREAT kids that made a magnificently romantical dinner for their “old” parents on their anniversary.

Tell the adoption stories of the children and once again be amazed by the “Awesome God” stories that He has written into the family.

The the story of knowing nothing about home education; but being so thankful for the option over the last several years that you volunteer to help others start the amazing journey.

Tell that it’s only by the GRACE of the AWESOME God that anything is possible.

Tell…what’s your story.  Don’t be afraid to tell.


2 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday—Tell

  1. It sounds like you do a great job of telling! And indeed, it’s only by the GRACE of God that our stories are so worthy of telling – He is so faithful!

    Tammy ~@~


  2. Hello, Christine. First, I want to thank you for reading my post and commenting on it. We disagree, but we are both growing as you say, and it’s the story of Jesus and the hope of the Resurrection that guides us both. Also, thank you for being an adoptive parent. I was adopted, and I am always thankful for parents who are willing to bring children into their homes and their hearts. God bless you.


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