A Wonderful Legacy

Just a few weeks ago I wrote about the sadness of Robin Williams death.  It was certainly a sad state of affairs on so many fronts. You can read my thoughts here.  

Why is it so difficult to write about someone who lived an amazing life?  I’ve wanted to write this post since I heard of Mr. Cathy’s death, but it just hasn’t come easy.  I’ve had to fight for the words to express my condolences.  My sadness.

I never met the man.  But he was my brother in Christ.  He appeared to live out that faith by serving people.  By serving his family and his employees and by leaving a legacy behind for future generations.

He was known as an oddity, for decades because he refused to sacrifice his scruples for profits.  His restaurants were always closed on Sunday.  Many people said a restaurant could not survive if it was not open on Sunday.  God proved the people wrong.  I believe he was blessed because he honored the Lord in this and did what he thought was right.

From what I saw, Truett Cathy’s  death did not “trend” any social media sites at all.  In comparison, Robin Williams trended for days after his tragic suicide.

But I don’t believe Mr. Cathy would have wanted it that way.

Reports are that he was surrounded by his family, at home.  To me, that speaks volumes.  He was loved by his family.  That was his legacy.

But he blessed many throughout his lifetime.

Those that I know that have worked for Chick fil A have been blessed as employees of the company he founded as a young man.

It started with one restaurant.  The Dwarf House in Hapeville, GA.

This is the “town” where my Daddy was raised.  He remembers seeing Mr. Cathy at the Dwarf House a child in Hapeville, making those sandwiches that one day would be famous.

I remember making the trip to the Dwarf House as a child, with my Daddy and my Grandma (who LOVED those sandwiches).

Then I remember visiting Chick fil A in the mall.  (I believe it was the Greenbrier Mall, but can’t remember for certain).

Over time, the business expanded.

We visited The Dwarf House a few years ago.  The door is still there, but other than that, it looks much like a modern Chick fil A restaurant.

He left a legacy.  He left one wife of 65 years and 3 children, 19 grandchildren, and 18 great grand children that, from all appearances adored him.  From various reports on the internet, and from his own website, he was a man who gave back to society.  A true hero in my opinion.

Will he get accolades from famous people?  Probably not.  In fact it’s highly likely that his memorial service will be picketed by pro homosexuals that can’t tolerate someone with different beliefs.

But I believe he has a mansion and a crown in Glory!

If you’re interested in stories about Chick fil A.  I recommend checking out the Dwarf House Facebook page.    Many excellent quotes from Mr. Cathy posted in the last 24 hours and many expressions of gratitude from former friends, customers and employees.

Thank you Mr. Cathy for many wonderful years of a life well lived.

I pray you have heard the words “Well done good and faithful servant”

And I pray that your family is comforted as they mourn your passing into eternity.

God have mercy on your soul.