FMF The word is ready

You know the rules, type 5 minutes, unedited (ok, well maybe a little, teensy, wee bit of editing) on one word that Kate gives us.


A few weeks ago I read a blog post about Meatball Fridays.  This writer wrote about their newest family tradition.  Fixing a big pot of meatballs and sauce and inviting whoever showed up to share it with them.

Now, our family LOVES to have company.

So guess what we started 2 weeks ago?

No, I don’t do meatballs.

But I do spaghetti.

Tonight will be our 2nd Friday Spaghetti (because I don’t do meatballs).

I don’t “entertain”  I put food on the island, usually in the same pot it was cooked in, and serve it buffet style.  I fellowship and have fun and enjoy being with friends.  You won’t ever find fine china on my table, I don’t own any.  In fact, last week, we served spaghetti on styrofoam plates.

3 people, including yours truly, spilled their spaghetti, on the table, on the floor and ourselves.

Note to self:  Spaghetti doesn’t work on styrofoam plates.

This week (because there will only be 3 extra at our table) we’ll used the mismatched everyday plates and real silverware.  Trust me, that rarely happens at our house when there is company. Usually it’s paper and plastic.

And we’ll fellowship.

The house may be a bit messy, but as long as the bathroom has been swished and swiped, before company arrives, I’m ready.

It’s not about a clean house. It’s not even about sauce made from scratch, although most weeks it probably will be.   It’s about spending time together with those people that God has placed in our lives.This is our way to share the love of Christ and to get to know those around us more intimately.

Spaghetti is a messy meal.  Something changes with people when you eat a messy meal together.

We’ll talk, laugh, and enjoy each others company for as long as they want to stay.

If you’re ever in the neighborhood; come on over for messy spaghetti, good food, good times!


Yeah, ok,  My timer went off before my “STOP!” was written.  But the goal is to write, right?


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  1. “Spaghetti doesn’t work on styrofoam plates.” Hahahahaha! Nope it sure doesn’t! I loved your post so much. You made me laugh out loud! And yes, Life is about Loving, and sharing. Beautiful post!


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