Who is my Family? 31 Days {Day 1}

I love my family.  My husband Shane and I have been married just over 20 years.  We have had good times, and hard times and sad times and fantastic times!  And through it all, we’ve made it and we’ll continue to make it because that’s just the way we are, and we’ll be stronger for it too.  I wouldn’t trade him for anything you could give me…I don’t deserve such a God-fearing husband and friend.

I love my kiddos.  Hannah is quiet and contemplative.  Isaac is the bull in a china shop; though as he gets older he plows his way through things with a little more thought than he used to.  Malachi, he’s quiet, and thoughtful and has an incredible imagination (which is amazing in and of itself, because he had NO imagination when he came to us at 3 years old).   Tabitha?  Well, there’s none like her.  She is bubbly, bright, vivacious and bouncy on steroids.  Sometimes it takes all of us to keep up with her.  And we wouldn’t trade our ball of energy for anything (most days, hehehe).

Sometimes miles separate us from those we love and we desperately wish we could spend more time with those people.  We enjoy occasional visits as we cross paths when we’re in the same time zones. And remember those visits fondly until the next time…

Sometimes it’s not that sweet.  Sometimes no matter how desperately you WANT to be close to family, no matter how hard you try, you just can’t make it work.   Sometimes you can live short distances from family geographically, but walls are built so that you might as well live a million miles away.

Sometimes,  you’ve done all that you can to live at peace with these people and it’s just impossible…that’s when it’s time to admit you’ve done all that you can do, you leave it in God’s hands to remedy in His time (if ever) and you move forward the best way you know how.  These are the times when you relish those around you that appreciate you…those that see the warts and love you with grace in spite of them.   Those people that may not be related to you but are FAMILY.  That’s when I’m thankful for those in my life that are more than family. They are friends. Some are family and friends at the same time.   And that’s the BEST!

This series begins today.  31 days of family and friends. Here are just a few of them. I could make a collage with SO many more, but these represent the people that are precious to us.  Some like the picture of Malachi jumping hurdles, represents our track family.  Others are family by blood, by marriage, by adoption and even others by friendship.  I love every one of them and and am thankful they are in our lives!

Friends and Family Collage

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