Grandma’s Couch 31 Days {Day 2}

This is a picture of “Grandma’s Couch” where it used to sit in my living room.

grandma's couch

I loved Grandma’s couch.The fabric was beautiful. And it was pretty comfortable to sit on too.  Especially for those of us that are height challenged. It had super short legs, so it worked well for those of us whose legs were short too.  It belonged to my maternal Grandma for many years before she passed from this world a little over 10 years ago.  Before that, it belonged to someone else we knew.  I loved that couch for many years before it became mine. That was the one thing I asked for when she was in hospice, dying from the effects of too many years of smoking Raleigh cigarettes.  Remember them?  Didn’t think so.

Those things were NASTY with a capital N!

Back to more pleasant things, like Grandma’s Couch.

There are many great memories of Grandma’s Couch.

If I imagine hard enough I can still see her sitting on the far left cushion cheering on “her” Atlanta Braves.  Or reading one of her novels that she picked up second-hand at McKay in Knoxville. Or pulling herself up from the cushion to go check on one of the many wonderful things that might be cooking in the kitchen.  Maybe some Rigatone with meat sauce, and when I say meat, I mean meat.  Italian sausage, chicken, ground beef with thick, red sauce…YUM!  Or some Chicken Noodle Soup with chunks of carrots and celery.  Maybe some German dishes like Periogi or some Polish dishes like Keilbasa and Glace or my favorite, Thanksgiving dinner with homemade pies…now I’m getting hungry!  I can smell it cookin now!

I snuggled children, read stories, crocheted afghans, nursed sick kiddos, snuggled up with good books and generally enjoyed that old couch for many years…but as much as I loved “Grandma’s couch” it just needed too much work to restore to its former glory.  While it had “GREAT bones”, no one on Craigslist wanted it either…so I cut the fabric off, saved the buttons and burned the frame.

This is what I did with some of the fabric.

grandma's couch picture1grandma's couch picture2

These were homemade Christmas gifts for the children last year (and one for me).  Even though Malachi was little when she left this life, and Tabitha never met Grandma, they still loved Grandma’s couch.

It has a matching chair that still sits in our living room.  It’s dirty and is starting to look pretty ratty.  But I just can’t bear to part with it. It’s Isaac’s favorite place to sit, so my guess is Isaac will ask for it and love it until his wife “makes” it go.  It’s a little piece of Grandma left here for us to remember her by.  Maybe someday I’ll take some of that left over fabric from the couch and spruce it up some…for now it remains as it is.

Here’s a picture of me with my brother and Grandma taken in 1972 in Chattanooga, TN.  That’s the Tennessee River in the background.

grandma couch 001

Have a wonderfully blessed day y’all!

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