Family Fun! 31 Days {Day 4}

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Welcome!  Forgive me for taking so much of your time yesterday, I had a lot to say and couldn’t quite condense it down to 500 words or less.  Hopefully, a short post today will even out yesterday’s extremely loooooooong post.

Our family has enjoyed roller skating once a month with the homeschool group in a nearby community (for us an hour is nearby) for as along as any of them can remember.  (Except for one sad year when Jr. Musical Theater landed on Thursday afternoons).

Isaac and Tabitha would “skate” in their strollers before they were even walking.  Maybe Hannah too, but I just can’t remember for sure; it has been nearly 17 years since she came home, after all.  Malachi hit the skate floor the month after he came home at three…boy those click clack skates were LOUD! But I didn’t have to look far to find him.

Thursday was the first skate of this year.  The weather was stormy which kept quite a few people away, but a good time was had by those that made it out.  Hannah was feeling the pangs of growing up…the responsibilities of her job kept her from going with us.  Sad day…

It’s always good to see friends!

And Tabitha “almost” won the limbo!

skating1 skating2

Skating sure wears a gal out!


Have a fabulous weekend!

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