1985 & the KC Royals {Day 8}

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Since I live near Kansas City, I should probably be interested in baseball shouldn’t I?  I mean it’s been a VERY long time since the Royals made it this far post season play.  Many of my friends are stoked.  Many of my friends who weren’t even born in 1985 are beside themselves crazy happy that their team is in the running for the World Series.    They don’t don’t remember the last time The Royals made it this far; and neither do I.  Remember I was raised in Big ORANGE country...WHAT is baseball?????

So if I were doing 31 days of  1985, these are some of the songs I would have posted:

which my children all love to listen to know because it was in one of the Muppet Movies.  And no, it’s not even a remake; it’s really Starship from 1985.

Or this one from Back to the Future that made the top 40.

Or this one that my kiddos have heard, but doesn’t belong to anything in recent years.  It has that “classic” sound that every REO Speedwagon song had with different Lyrics…I guess the motto is, if you find something that works, stick with it.

Unfortunately, this one was not from 1985 (It’s from 1982)  But it’s one of my kids favorites, so I’ll include it anyway…

Stay tuned to see if and how I can tie any other things from 1985 to family and friends…

for now:  Go VOLS!!!

Just kidding… Go Royals!  Take the CROWN!

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