Tabby Takes a Ride! {Day 9}

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We’re getting a new roof!!!!!  Yehaw!!!!!  Yesterday, the shingles were delivered.  We are so thankful for insurance; we’ve prayed for several years  for enough damage that most of the cost would be covered.  Is that wrong?  I hope not, we needed a new roof and just couldn’t afford one any other way…

Somehow, our darling Liberian daughter (as she would call herself)  finagled her way into the cab of the truck that delivered the shingles.  We’ve been friends with our roofer and his wife for several years, so when I came out of the house and saw her in the passenger seat of the rig, I ask him,”how did she manage that!?!”  He replied, “she’s Tabitha” Yep. Anyone that knows her would agree.    She could charm an elephant out of his tusks.  So she has a new friend in Jeff the truck driver.  At least I’m guessing that was his name since that’s what his shirt said.  She never asked.

Here she is waiting for the shingles to be off loaded.

tabby truck driverAnd away she goes…back to the road for more shingles, plywood and felt

Tabby truck driver2After she waved, you could see her grab the radio and talk away.  After they were done, we asked Jeff (and then her) what she was saying.  In typical Tabitha fashion, she was announcing the events as they unfolded to the world  “HI this is Tabitha!  Back on Kids for Talk Radio, you don’t know me”  “I am getting ready to go in the driveway”   “I am riding in the truck”  “it is my favorite thing ever”  among other things…

I am SO thankful she didn’t find the air horn!