Lest You Think… 31 Days {Day 10}

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The way it appears lately, you might think we gave away the other three children.

Yes, Tabitha has a way of doing that…she is so stinkin’ THAT way!

Isaac is 15 (HOW did that happen?)  And he’s been studying to take the test for his driving permit,

album coby key chain pain in the rear04Here he is at World’s of Fun in 2008

He got his first driving lesson yesterday.

In the rain.

We didn’t leave the driveway.

Because of the roof shingles that were delivered yesterday, we’re playing the car juggling game.  Last night Shane parked the Odyssey behind the Tardis (aka the blue Taurus).  Hannah has to go to work, and it’s raining, so she can’t drive through the yard.  Been there done that (more than once, if you must know).

Being stuck in the yard on a rainy day is NOT fun.

Seemed like a good opportunity to let Isaac behind the wheel…

No Isaac, you use your right foot for both the gas and the brake.

Yes Isaac push the gas.

No Isaac you don’t hit the brake right after you hit the gas.

I’m afraid I’ll hit something.

No Isaac you won’t hit anything…

Turn right Isaac, no, the other right.

Whew! He made it without hitting the Tardis or the deck

So a few minutes later, we were talking about it, and he asked,” why can’t you use your left foot to brake?”

I said,”only when you’re racin’ buddy”

“I think I want to race”

HA! HA!  You’re VERY funny Bubba.

Anybody else think he’s going to be harder to teach than Hannah???  If course, I kind of guessed he would be the hard one…until Tabitha came along.  I can’t EVEN imagine…

Lord, have mercy!

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