I Might Be a Fan {Day 11}

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Well folks, I might be a Royals fan after all!

I was actually excited this morning when I read the news!  “We” won the first game in the American League Series (hope I got that right, haha.)   I imagine you’re not wondering, but just in case you are, I’m not a big enough fan to try to keep myself awake to listen to the game into extra innings.

Truth be told, many years ago, Shane and I did go to a few games.  In fact, one year we went to several.  We even got to see Sammy Sosa play the year he was HOT.  And I had a lot of fun.  Many moons ago,  I would sit with my Grandma and watch the Braves.  Does anyone else think it’s odd that she was a Braves fan when she was a yank from New York state???  I always kind of wondered why she wasn’t a  Yankee fan…

After 29 years, it seems like “their time.”  But Shane informed us last night at dinner, that the Orioles hadn’t gone this far in more than 30 years..so either way, it’ s going to be an exciting series.  I just hope Billy Butler doesn’t steal a base again!   That was painful to watch (on the news, that is because we have no way of watching the game since it’s not being broadcast on network t.v.)

So for all you babes that may not have even been born in 1985, lol,  I thought it would be fun (if it doesn’t depress you)  to do a little price comparison from 1985 and 2014.  I also re-discovered a bit of interesting trivia about Coke that I’ll share below..

Here are a few:

A gallon of gas:  $1.09  If I find a gallon of gas for under $3.00 today, I’m jumpin’ up and down.   Yesterday afternoon it happened to be $2.81.  On a little side note: Hannah bought her first tank of gas this week.   She came home amazed at how much it cost.  Yes Honey, I’m amazed at how much it takes to fill a tank of gas too. Especially when I used to put $5 in my 1979 Ford Fairmont and drive “forever.”

Movie ticket: $2.75  At the current price of $9 each plus popcorn, because who can go to a movie and NOT get popcorn? We just don’t go to the movies… and I don’t even think you can get a matinee ticket for under 4 bucks.

Postage Stamp: 22 cents  today 49 cents  and that’s with no guarantee that it’ll arrive in one piece or in a timely manner… and the Post office wonders why they’re losing money.

Bacon (or as my man teasingly calls it  “Manna of The God’s”),   $1.65 a lb. If we buy bacon, (we usually buy a whole hog or butcher our own), we buy ends and pieces at Trader Joe’s for $2.99 a lb.  I have no idea what Oscar Mayer goes for these days…I’m afraid to think about it.  P.S.  Stopped by Price Chopper today, Always Save brand of bacon was 3.99lb  YIKES!

And an interesting piece of trivia from 1985.

Coke introduced a new formula.  The backlash was horrific; 77 days later they re-introduced the original formula with the name Coke Classic.  Just for the record, the “new” Coke tasted HORRIBLE!  I may not remember the Royals in the World Series in 1985 but I remember tasting the “new” Coke!   According to Wikipedia the backlash in the south was more horrific than in other parts of the country…wonder why?  Southern folks love their sweet tea, I would have thought we’d have loved it.  But I’m a southern girl and I detested it.

I’ll be listening to my radio this afternoon.  Poo on t.v.  Shane says baseball was made for radio anyway.  Try not to be jealous, ok?

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