Friday Night Friends {Day 12}

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A few weeks ago, we started a new tradition.  Spaghetti Fridays, soon to be Chili Fridays (at least sometimes) because it’s just that season.  We have one family that has been consistent since the 2nd week.  Grandma and Gabe always come, Gabe’s Momma got to come once and his Aunt has come twice. Sad that Grandpa has to work on Friday evenings, but maybe some day  he’ll get a Friday off;  we can hope can’t we?  Last Friday, they made their reservations for the foreseeable future.  And that makes me happy!

Some might think that Spaghetti Fridays have been a failure because for three out of the past four weeks they have been our only guests.  Oh friends, this has not been a failure!  Anytime friends can gather it isn’t a failure. We enjoy this family and we have been so grateful for the opportunity to get to know (at least some of them) even better.  And, we have a sweet little friend in Gabe too.  We were told Friday night that he LOVES to come to our house.  And we LOVE to have him and his family at our house too!   There is just something about eating sloppy spaghetti and “something” apple dessert (at least while there are apples on the tree) and ice cream that bonds folks.  Nah!  There’s just something about being in someone’s home week after week that bonds folks.

This past Friday the evening  included having the Royals on the radio in the background  so we could keep up with the score.  In between, we visited about various topics, and did our best to keep Gabe out from under the sink.  One of these nights, we might get out some cards or Scrabble…yeah! we’re wild like that, lol.  And if you haven’t made it yet, and most of you haven’t, don’t feel guilty at all.  You however, have been missing out on good food, good fellowship and plenty of laughs.

We have a basket of toys just for Gabe (or for any younger visitor) that includes dinosaurs, little cars and little people,and some Tupperware stacking buckets among other things.  Gabe loves the “dinos.” This past week however, Buzz Lightyear  was the toy of choice.  Malachi found him at the thrift store last week for 99 cents. A set of new batteries and he’s not just eye candy. Gabe also loves to walk around and around and around our circle…through the dining room to the living room, to the office to the kitchen and back to the dining room.  Every child that visits loves to do it!

When this started, I promised my family that I wouldn’t panic if the house was messy.  For the most part, I’ve kept that promise.  (Except the week that Bubba and Mal decided to work apples Friday afternoon while I was out…but I think that’s fairly understandable). I do ask that the house be picked up and the bathroom  be swished and swiped.  We usually do a quick home blessing…hitting the high spots, and we’re good to go.  Spaghetti Friday’s have been good for that.  In the past, I have been known to still be running around getting things “perfect” for company as they’re pulling in the driveway.  I’m learning to lighten up.  Let me assure you however, I will NEVER lighten up on the toilet being cleaned; that’s a guarantee!

Here’s a picture of Gabe’s Oma playing the dulcimer with Tabitha a couple of years ago.

friends tabby and lena

So, if you want to come have Chili with us (or Spaghetti) come on…us and our friends would LOVE to have you!

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