Girls Just Wanna Have Fun {Day 19}

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I’ve got me some new soul sister friends.  On Facebook.  I’ve never met any one them in real life, and not sure I ever will, but they “get me.”  Yes, almost complete strangers.  They get me probably  better than most people, even the people I am the closest to.  I go there to get my happy on and I always leave smilin’. It is such a FUN place! Yep, it’s a secret what we do there, hahaha.  But let me just tell you it’s bright and bubbly and light and airy and these ladies are amazingly CUTE and colorful!

And that’s ME!  My true nature.  The nature that God gave me.  That’s always been hiding inside me waiting to come out.  The side that drives some people nuts about me and endears me to others.  Or maybe drives some people nuts about me one second, and the next second endears me to them.  Who knows!

This is the nature that I’ve been squelching to please others, thinking I was pleasing God.   It says I don’t have to be frumpy to be a Christian.  That says I don’t have to wear dreary colors, or conform to certain people’s view of what that means. I am free to be ME!  Because that’s the way God made me, and to quote an old cliche…God don’t make no junk.

And by golly, I’m gonna have FUN!

Now before you wonder, no, I’m not goin’ off the deep end.  I am solid in faith and firm in Scripture.  But you see, I believe I had a skewed view of how I was supposed to act and dress to be a Christian. And it was wrong. (Truth be told, it probably goes back farther than that, but that’s where I’ll put it for this post).

Havin’ fun doesn’t mean that I don’t need to exhibit self-control or have a “gentle and quiet spirit.”

I can have a gentle and quiet spirit and still be spirited.

I can be joyful and have self-control.

I can jump up and down and get excited at the little things in life and still be a God-fearing, Jesus lovin’ woman.

I feel free!  I no longer have to conform to preconceived notions about what I should do, or how I should act (within Biblical boundaries of course).   I can still have love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, gentleness, faithfulness and self-control and be me.  And friends, my true me, the real me, is coming out.

Diana Ross sung this song as she was leaving MoTown; out from under Barry Gordy’s thumb (according to Wikipedia). Sorry about this screen shot, it is only one pic in the middle of the song, and I can’t change it.

Are you wondering what I’m talkin’ about yet?


I’ll tell you tomorrow….

Have a wonderful Sunday worshiping the Lord today y’all!

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P.S. Some of you are going waaaaaay back in the archives. I’m not responsible for content that old, lol….God has grown me and shaped me a lot over the years. If you haven’t left your comment here, it’s NOT too late. I want to know who YOU are 🙂


2 thoughts on “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun {Day 19}

  1. You are so right on this post. God gave us our nature and our personalities and we try to change them to please others. When I was younger I thought everyone should like me and when they didn’t I was just crushed. It took me years to figure out that was okay everyone wouldn’t like me and I didn’t have to try and change to get them to like me. God knew us before we were born and gave us our nature and personality. He knows our name and this fact along just blows my name. That the God of the universe knows my name and loves me just like I am.


    • Me too Millie! I’m actually wondering if squelching the true me has been some of the some of the problem. If I had just been me without trying to conform…who knows. You might want to buy some sun glasses before next month, lol.


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