Friends Face to Face {Day 22}

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Yesterday I spoke about Facebook Friends.  While there are positive aspects of Facebook; often times it squelches real friendships.  Before Facebook people used to actually talk FACE to FACE about life happenings.

Now we post it on Facebook and forget about it.

Sad day.

Yesterday I said I like face to face.

I like coffee face to face.

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I like a glass of wine face to face.

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I like spaghetti face to face.

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It’s not the coffee, wine or spaghetti.  It’s the face to face.

There’s just something about physically being with someone that creates.  It creates face to face. It creates friendships. It creates intimacy.

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about growing up in a neighborhood where everyone knew everyone on the block, The adults played volleyball, cooked out together, had coffee with each other while the kids rode bikes, played kickball in the circle, built tree houses and forts.

Do people still do that today?

I hope so.

But I’m afraid not.

I’m afraid we treat friendships with people in our lives much like we treat our friendships with the celebrities I mentioned yesterday.

We “follow” our favorites and feel like we know them intimately, we talk about them to others like they’re our best buds

but we really know nothing about them at all.

Is this the way friends are going?

I have real life friends that live relatively close by, that used to be very close friends that I haven’t seen face to face in months, maybe longer.

I try

but busy – ness has crept in

and face to face seems impossible for one reason or another.

And then

we are left with Facebook time instead of face to face time.

Folks that’s not the way God intended.  He said “it is not good that man should be alone”  I believe this goes further than the husband and wife relationship.

He created us to be in community with each other.

I’m afraid there are a lot of alone people out there without friends.  Without family.

Who need community.

Who need friends.

Won’t you reach out to someone today?

Pick up the phone, invite a friend (or acquaintance) for coffee, wine or spaghetti. (Or your venue of choice).

Who knows you may find a real, true life friend.

Have a friend filled Wednesday y’all!

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