Family Memories {Day 23}

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You may be wondering why a picture of little brown hands holding a smiley face on notebook paper is a memory.  You must not know Tabitha then.  She is the encourager.  The one who makes everyone smile.  The one who knows when someone needs a hug or a friendly word. Friends, family, neighbors, complete strangers.  One day we were out and about, probably on our way to Jr. Musical, and everyone that passed me was smiling, laughing, looking at me.  I was starting to get paranoid.  But,  I had NO idea what was happening in the back seat behind me.  Isaac had drawn this smiley face for Tabitha and she was holding it up to EVERY car that passed.  I have NO idea how many people she made smile that day.

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Those were foam blocks that Tabby had gotten one year for Christmas.  I found the shirt at the thrift store (of course) and think it’s a great picture.  Malachi is our strong silent type so this is a PERFECT picture of him.

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This is Hannah in her beautiful Belle dress.  This picture does NOT do it justice.  The white fabric and shawl has little silky flowers with sparkly iridescent beads in the flowers. When it hit the light just right it shined!  It was just beautiful and PERFECT for Belle’s beautiful ball gown.  Hannah was over the top excited to play Belle in a little theatre group were a part of for many years.  The dress?  It was a freebie from a prom dress giveaway at a local church.  No, it wasn’t for a prom, but it was for a very special occasion.  She also wore it to the Daddy Daughter Dance that her and Shane attend each February. (Her version of the Prom).  So we felt it perfectly appropriate to shop the dress giveaway. I truly believe God put the dress there for Hannah. The “store” had been open for 2 days already, but this dress had just been donated the night before we shopped. I daresay any of the other girls would have wanted it, it was very old-fashioned.  But the little old ladies who were volunteering were beside themselves when Hannah chose it, because they thought it divine– and I agree.


We have a lot of drama at our house…Hannah and Isaac both LOVE acting, and Tabitha loves everything, so 3 of our 4 are actors.  (And for those of you who may not know, Shane may not be able to sing or play the violin, but he can act…he even has an Oscar to prove it).  This picture was taken after the final show of King and I, performed at a local Bible college a few years ago.  There are SO many memories wrapped up in this picture I can’t even begin to describe.  Amazing.  That’s what it was.  The entire experience.  I’m sure Isaac will always look back fondly at his “Chewy” days.

blogshanecolordoThese two pictures are from family camp at Horn Creek in Colorado last summer.  We thought we’d never get to go back because as economical as it is for what you get (great lodging, fantastic meals, wonderful entertainment, etc) it’s just out of our budget for a family vacation.  But God provided and Shane was their speaker for last year’s adoption and foster camp.  We had a wonderfully blessed week and met some great folks!   Shane is unable to grow a mustache or beard…it’s scary when he tries, but face paint fixed that the night of the cookout and barn dance.  Don’t know if you noticed the string tie?  It had belonged to his Great Grand dad and he was happy to be able to wear it that night.

blogshanegoesdown The second picture is one of their camp traditions.  I came ready for battle and conquered the LOG!  Shane went DOWN!  Hope you enjoyed seeing some fun family memories.

Have a wonderful Thursday y’all!

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