A Different Kind of Friend {Day 24}

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Some more pictures today, of our family with friends of a different kind.

A couple of years we had the opportunity to go to a drive-thru zoo outside of Knoxville on one of our trips home.  We all made new “friends.”  Hannah and I had creatures in our lap in the front seat (we took turns) that tried to eat the food out of our lap.  Malachi had one critter that tried to climb into his lap.  And Shane made a new Zebra friend.

blog shanezebraThese goats at the Creation Museum REALLY liked Isaac.  It’s an amazing place,and I highly recommend it if you’ve never gone.  This trip also garnered memories of Effingham, IL.  Yep! We got stranded.  If you’re ever through there you should definitely try Neimburg’s Steakhouse  The best food at GREAT prices…and their peanut butter pie is dinive!  (Unless you try to carry one from Effingham to Kansas City, then…not so great).

bloggoatsA few years ago, Isaac had bred hamsters and sold them at the 5 & Dime in our little town.  This is Lucy with her babies.


This is Tabby brushing Duke at Horn Creek after her ride.


This big guy is one of the turtles at the Knoxville zoo.  Since turtles can live so long; I wonder if this is one of the same turtles that I visited when I was a kid?


And these are definitely friends of a different kind. Meet Porktia and Hamlet.  These were the pigs we raised for food.  In this picture, they are trailered up ready to go to butcher.  They made for good eatin’

pigs to butcherHave a GREAT Friday!  I’ll be tunin’ in to watch the World Series.  Hopin’ the Royals Take the CROWN!

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