Long Distance Friends {Day 25}

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Yesterday I was blessed to have a  cup of coffee with a sweet, darling friend.  Well, no not really, but I got as close as I’ll get any time soon. You see, this sweet lady currently lives in Texas.  She’s one of my Proverbs 31 OBS sisters and I’ve never met her in real life.


Maybe one of these days, we really will get to have coffee together, but for now, Facebook’s private chat will have to do.

I did say Facebook was a good thing sometimes, didn’t I?

If I didn’t, I should have.  Facebook does have some advantages.

This young lady is the sweetest.  She’s bright and bubbly and she an encourager.  Even when she’s got things going on in her own life, she’s asking how she can pray for others.  Every Friday she asked her “cupcakes” (her friends–isn’t that CUTE?) for prayer requests.  She is a prayer extra-ordinaire! And her cupcakes share.  Sometimes just “pray for me” other times more details.  And that means we all pray for each other, because every time my FB pings and I see her post, I go and pray for the person that just left a comment, and I’m sure I’m not the only one.

So in this case, Facebook has sucked the miles closer and bridged the gap, drawing sisters in Christ together for prayer even though we don’t know each other…

Yesterday I got a bonus.  I was able to private chat with this darling lady for a few minute.   We shared our burdens and our blessings, and there was a little of both.  And God joined us.  We were both blessed and encouraged.

A  few short years ago that would have been impossible.

In fact, being friends with this young lady would have been nearly impossible a few years ago.

Being friends with several people that I “know” would have been impossible several years ago.

I’ve been blessed to have long distance friends in so many other places.  From one end of the country to the other, in all directions… and even across the oceans.

How have you been blessed by online friendships?

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