Fun Times With Friends {Day 26}

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Today our church family celebrated Reformation day.  (The anniversary of the Luther’s hanging of the 95 Thesis) and the beginning of the Protestant Reformation.

Our plan was to celebrate it tonight; but HOW could we have known that the KC Royals would be in the world series when this was planned several months ago????  Not knowing how last night would play out, we were hopeful that tonight might be the final game; and moved the festivities to right after church–just in case.

Truth be told, we do it more for the kids.  None of the adults play Luther Rose Bowl, or A Mighty Fortress Cake Walk, or Coins in the Coffer Toss, and most certainly none take their turn at the Papal Bull Pinata.  Which happened to be a donkey this year, because we could not find a bull pinata.  We have goodies for the cakewalk and little prizes for the kids to take home.  They all seem to look forward to it, and enjoy it.  And I LOVE knowing that they enjoy it!

We have a meal, and ask people to name their dish. This is one of my favorite activities.  I LOVE seeing what cleaver names people come up with.   This year we had Drumsticks of Dort (Chicken Legs–turkey legs are too expensive), Hot as Pergatory Chips, 5 Sola’s Soup among others

Usually we also watch Luther, but I’ll be a part of the workforce tomorrow (working a temp job taking inventory in Kansas), and the ballgame will be on this evening.  We forwent the showing of Luther this year.

Usually, I’m in charge of The Mighty Fortress March and snap some pictures, but this year, I was busy on clean up detail.  So this is a picture from last year’s Papal Bull Pinata:

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Have a wonderful Sunday, Y’all!

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