Roofing Friend {Day 27}

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We’ve got a new roof!  I took this picture the other day when it wasn’t quite done.

blog roofWe also got wonderful new front eves. Our house is a hybrid, and the folks before us had tacked on the eves to the front of the house…they were rotten and sagging.  But we knew there was no reason to repair them until we needed to roof the house.  This also means gutters are in our future, yippee!  This means no more getting dripped on when it’s raining!

blogroofingThis is our friend’s leg while he was nailing shingles.

I walked out to tell him how tempting it would be to scare the begeebeez out of him somehow while his leg was dangling.  He proceeded to tell me that Tabitha had already done that.  Apparently, she decided to grab his leg and pull while he was sitting on the roof this way earlier in the week.  Oh GOOD GRIEF!   I’m glad Mr. B knows us already, or he might not have come back to finish the job.  We’ve been friends with Mr. B and his wife for a few years now.  They are always so patient with Tabitha.  Mrs. B always lets Tabby hold chicks, ducks, puppies, kitties and whatever other critters they happen to have around their farm.  She’s even gotten to suck sorghum at their house.  Yes, they have planted sorghum the past two years and it has made the BEST sorghum.  Tabby loves them and they love Tabitha.

Drivin’ the tractor at their house.


Have a fantabulous Tuesday, Y’all!

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