Kansas City–We’re ALL Friends Tonight!

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Game 6! Home field advantage…and WHAT an advantage it was!

In case you haven’t heard, and the only way you could have missed it is if you were hiding under a rock somewhere, disconnected from the world deep in the woods with no cell phone, and no indoor plumbing.

The underdog RULED the stadium last night.  TEN to ZIP! ZERO!  NADA!  NOTHING!   The Giants might have Madison Bumgarnder, but we have Ventura! And we have some AMAZING fielders; Dyson.and Aoki, and some amazing batters: Butler and Cain. (ok, I can’t name EVERYONE, can I?)

Kansas City played like a well oiled machine last night!

Does a shut out EVER happen that crazy in World Series Play?????

Even the announcers that have appeared to be Giant biased during the previous 5 games couldn’t find any bad.

It was all BLUE in game 6.

And they’re going to WIN Game 7!  Ok, wishful thinking, but really, can you blame me?

To me it would be amazing if they didn’t win.

And they WANT it!

ALL of Kansas City WANTS it!

Even non baseball fans are baseball fans today.  Kansas City is covered in BLUE!   The electricity is EVERY WHERE!

Some folks have waited since before they were born to see this game.

In fact, our phone rang this morning and it was Shane’s Wednesday night co-leader.  She sheepishly said,”I’ve waited all my life…”  I stopped her and said YES!  I think we should cancel Kids for Truth tonight.  Last night, Shane was torn.  He did NOT want to miss the game, but he wouldn’t have made the call to cancel.  I almost called her asking to cancel on his behalf.

I’m so glad we’ll get to watch together.

Some folks were raised in football country (Go VOLS!)  But are wearing the blue tonight.

Some of us are Yanks fans, but if you live in Kansas City, how can you NOT be excited for the Team?

And in case you missed it, the Kansas City Symphony played an amazing National Anthem before game 6.


If you’re wondering where I stand:

KC Symphony > Santana

KC BBQ > Rice a Roni

ROYALS > Giants

It was mentioned last night that Michael Jordon played his ROOKIE year the last time the Royals were in this position.

That’s a long time folks…




Can ya hashtag in a blog?

Do I look as if I care?

Have a WINNING day, Y’all!

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