Friends and Enemies; Well Not Really– Day 30

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We are near the end of this 31 days, and at the end of the World Series.

This is how we play October baseball at our house

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Notice those snazzy mud boots.

In case you haven’t heard.  The boys in Blue played a heck of a game, but didn’t quite pull it off.  I’d have liked to see Gordon run home; tie the game or game over…either way it would have been glory…but I doubt you’d have heard it from Joe Buck.  Seems he was more fangirl than announcer last night, and well pretty much every game of the Series.

To hear Buck you’d have thought there was only one person on the field last night… and everyone else was nobody–including the rest of his team and our fantabulous Royals.

But we know better now don’t we?

Is it that Madison Bumgarner’s not a good pitcher? Not at all.  He’s an excellent pitcher and what he did last night was pretty amazing…although I saw at least 3 pitches that the ump called that were not in the strike zone.  (Poor guy, apparently his Mom and Dad didn’t realize Madison is a girl’s name?)

But there were other players on that field too…on both teams.

I loved Sandavol’s wink. And the fact that he’s a big boy and can run. He’s endeared me.  Not enough to put on a Panda head, but he’s got my respect.

Panik made that great play at 2nd for that double play. And it was a great play…tossing the ball from the glove like that!

Butler ran the bases.  He’s got a place in my heart after watching him work so hard to steal a base in the play-offs.  And even more after I read the story I linked to at the bottom of yesterday’s post.

CAIN?  Need I say more?

Gordon?  Made good on one of the “god’s” pitches, almost good enough to tie the game.  It brought me out of my seat!

Like yesterday, I can’t mention everyone.

The main thing is The Royals aren’t nobodies!  And baseball fans everywhere better be watching them next year.

Our pitchers were amazing in their own right!  4-3 is a win, but it’s not a knock it out of the park win say like Tuesday’s game where The Royals SHUT OUT the Giants 10-zip.

Oh and I haven’t mentioned that San Fran’s pitchers hit 2, count’em TWO of our players!  I will add that I think it would have been sweet revenge if Perez would have knocked that last hit out of the park and scored the winning run, now wouldn’t have it?

One thing San Fran’s fans and us can agree on…throw Joe Buck OUT!  In fact, from many of the comments I’m seeing, the Giant fans know that we got the shaft from Joe.

Next year, we’ll be real fans and turn down the volume on the T.V. while listening to some good announcers on the radio.

I can say that Royal’s fans blood runs as blue as Volunteer fan blood runs orange…

and I think we have some new baseball fans in our house.

No Royals tomorrow.  I promise.  And no more 31 days after tomorrow either.