We Made IT! {Day 31}

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So we come to the end of 31 days.  I hope those of you reading enjoyed my little corner of the blogosphere at least a little…

I certainly enjoyed writing this month.

Kate’s Five Minute Friday word is leave…while I haven’t been participating in her 5 minute challenge this month, I think it’s a word fitting for the end of 31 days, so I link up today.

The rules:  write for 5 minutes on Kate’s one word prompt.  Link up and comment on the blog linked before yours.

While I leave writing each day, I will not leave writing on this blog.  My enjoyment for writing has been renewed.  I hope you dear readers, from all over the map will not leave me either.  And if you haven’t participated in my challenge  friend, I hope you will today.  Please leave me a comment (on this post, or the one linked above) and tell me who you are, first names are GREAT, and where you’re from.

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I have a Grace Gem taped to my desk that I admit I need to read and practice more often. I believe it permeates what friends and family is all about, so I leave you with these words of wisdom by Henrietta Wilson (1852)

Look around you, first in your own family, then among your friends and neighbors, and see whether there is not someone you can show kindness to–


whose burden you can lighten,

whose little cares you may lessen,

whose little pleasures you can promote,

whose little wants and wishes you can gratify.

Cheerfully giving up our own pleasures to minister to others, is one of the little kindnesses and self-denials of Christian living.  Doing little things that nobody likes to do, but which must be done by someone, is another.

It may seem to many, that if they avoid little unkindnesses, they must necessarily be doing all that is required.  But it is not enough to abstain from sharp words, sneering tones, petty contradictions, or daily irritations.  We must be active and earnest in kindness–not merely passive and inoffensive.  

Be kind and compassionate to one another  Ephesians 4:32

God bless each of you!

Have a fantastic Friday, y’all!

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  1. To the tune of the Beverly Hillbillies

    And now it’s time to say goodbye to Chris and all friends.
    She would like to thank you folks for kindly stopping in
    You’re all invited back next time to this blog locality
    To have a heaping helping of s’thern hospitality.

    Y’all come back now, y’hear!!!!!

    Good job!!! I enjoyed reading you. Your loving husband


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