One Step…

For those of you that may not know, I ran away from home.

Last Friday I started a 12 day Jubilee.

Two days before I was to leave, someone smashed the car I was “supposed” to take.

It was totaled.

Hannah was driving.  (Thankfully, she wasn’t too banged up, but she may have a torn ligament and surgery could be in her future, we have Dr. appointment next Wednesday).

She was devastated.  (Thankfully, the police report said she was ZERO % at fault).

(Thankfully, we were able to get a rental car, a REALLY niiiiiiiiiice rental car that I took on my trip).

I left Shane’s Grandpa at the hospital thinking there would be plenty of time to make my trip before he went to glory.

I was wrong.

He was with Jesus the very afternoon of the day I left.

That evening, I was “supposed” to be with my Aunt and Uncle in the Nashville area.

He fell, they ended up at the hospital.  I ended up in Knoxville that night.

Are y’all seeing a pattern here?

NOTHING. Absolutely NOTHING went as I planned.

But in the midst of the “one step at a time” trip, I was SO very blessed.

I was blessed to hear about Grandpa’s last supper.

I was able to meet some great people at CBM ministries where my Dad and his wife have been volunteering their time and talents to prepare camps for kids to learn about Jesus each summer.

I was able to send my family a picture of “Georgia Snow”  aka cotton and receive a precious email from my gullible 15 year old, asking how it could snow in GA when the temps were warmer than they were in MO.  Yes, we had a sweet laugh at his expense and will for many years to come.

I was able to eat great Sushi in Waynesboro, GA (who KNEW????)  with my cousin in love, instead of dining on BBQ with Jennifer Kennedy Dean and several other people I didn’t know.

I  breaked fast on Grits and eggs with 3 of my cousins (one drove up from the Savanah area to see me) at the BBQ place I missed the evening before (go figure, they serve BBQ AND breakfast).  But that’s what happens in the south.

I was blessed with a wonderful refreshing day sitting at the feet of Jennifer Kennedy Dean while she discussed prayer.

I was blessed to see my DADDY walk behind a CBM ministries missions flag at church Sunday night and find myself overwhelmed when thinking about how much God has worked in his life (and mine) over the last 20 years.

I was blessed to see my Uncle a week after I was “supposed to” and to pray for him as he prepares for open heart surgery later this week.

I was able to spend a few short, sweet hours with my precious Aunt who takes such marvelous care of my Uncle.

I was blessed with the company of a sweet lady that I didn’t know very well before we traveled 9 hours from Nashville to Odessa together; and now know very well…maybe a little too well…hehehe.

I was extremely blessed to return home to a family that loves me and missed me.  And whom I dearly love and missed greatly.

Look for future blog entries about Grandpa’s last supper (AMAZING!) and other God glorifying events of this trip.

If you would, please pray for my Uncle Chip.  They’re shooting for a Friday surgery, but he NEEDS to eat and get his strength up.  He says whatever happens is a WIN.  Either he’ll have a better quality of life here, or he’ll be with Jesus.  We’re selfish; but God knows best.  We’ve had more years with him than we could have imagined already…he is NOT a textbook case of anything…he’s a God case.

Also, please pray for Shane’s Grandma.  She is declining rapidly.  And please pray for Shane’s family as they care for her in her last days.

And please pray for my sweet Hannah’s shoulder and as she puts this incident behind her.


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  1. We were so blessed by your time in Georgia Chrissie! It is so wonderful recognizing that God creates patterns that we don’t always think we need or want. He is there always!

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