Ferguson is Spiritual

For those people that may not know what is going on in a little town just a few hours away from my home near Kansas City.  Many folks are unhappy with a grand jury dismissal against a white police officer against an unarmed black man.  (HOW the officer was to know he was unarmed remains a mystery to me…calling out to him while he’s fleeing “Hey YOU!  Are you packing a piece?”  just doesn’t make sense.)

Unfortunately, there are folks proving themselves to be fools in response to the decision.  I’ll be honest.  I don’t understand what burning cars and looting has to do with justice.  It has to do with ANGER.  It has to do with folks taking offense at something that is honestly not theirs to take offense at.  It has to do with a lack of trust.  It has to do with selfishness.

It has to do with folks who have nothing else to live for beyond this life.

It has to do with a disbelief in the One, True God.

When you don’t have a belief system in a “higher power” i.e. the One True God of the universe.  The One that created all things by speaking them into existence.  The One who made Eve from a bone of Adam and breathed life into man.  The One who created each of us in the innermost place.  The One who allows all things for His glory.

When you don’t have that,

you can’t trust anyone.

So you act out.

When there is no reason for a moral law (i.e. the Bible/God) you become selfish.  In your selfishness, you stop caring about others and start looking out for number one.

You act out.

You act by taking things that don’t belong to you.  Proving a point.  Convincing yourself that by acting out, burning, shooting, looting, etc. you’re doing something.  You convince yourself that this is a proper way to handle things.

One man died.  Somehow that justifies more death, more destruction?  So backwards isn’t it?

In reality, the only thing you’re doing is proving how foolish you are.  How much YOU have bought into the system.  The system that you say you don’t believe in.  The system you don’t trust.  You’re proving them to be right by your actions.

Honestly, I don’t trust the system very much.  It has been corrupted and mutilated over the decades since the founding fathers instituted it, but it’s the best we’ve got.

And I believe in the One, True God.  The God that created all things.

And I trust His justice, even when I don’t trust the powers that be in our country.

God has all authority in His hands.  He holds the universe.

And He holds Ferguson.

Lord have mercy on those in Ferguson!  Use this terrible situation to your glory.  Turn these people to you instead of themselves.  Your justice is righteous and merciful.

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