Merry Christmas!!

And unto you a Savior is Born.. to a virgin, not of noble means but quite the opposite.

In a stable.

Only to be scorned, ridiculed and hung on a tree 33 years later.

Not for anything HE had done-but in our place.

In my place. In YOUR place!

The blameless babe,whose birth we celebrate today, brought redemption for our sins.

A Savior.

The Savior!

Redemption sent in the form of a tiny, helpless BABY!

Isn’t that amazing?!?

Yes, for that little lie you told or for the extra change you kept, that the clerk gave you when you bought that Christmas present. For the impure thought you had for about that girl, or that guy. For those unkind words you spoke to your husband, or child.

Or for those sins we call “big” but are the same in God’s eyes.

And for those sins that you’ve tried to convinced yourself isn’t a sin…

You’re miserable because YOU don’t define sin- God does.

You can put a different non-offensive name on it- but that doesn’t change what it is.

It is sin.

God put on flesh. Fully God. Fully man. A mystery.

He went to the manger as a babe to take that sin, your sin; my sin, to the cross with him when he grew up.

Do you know Him as more than “a reason for the season?”

Do you know him as your Savior and Lord?

My precious Uncle did.

Shane’s sweet Grandad did.

They knew that Amazing Grace that began with a babe in a manger…

And they are praising Him today and forever by the side of that Savior. Without fear, without pain. Without sorrow or sadness. For ALL eternity!

We have that same opportunity!

His grace is for ALL that call on His name–

He changes us when we are His!

As long as there is breath in you, there is hope!

Merry Christmas!