What’s in a Name?

name tagSome of you may have noticed that I changed my Facebook name today.  I also changed my email name. Before you think something terrible, let me assure you that Shane and I are VERY happily married. I haven’t taken a second husband, or gone back to my maiden name, or become a “hyphenated woman”

Just a little, subtle change.  But in my mind, a big change.

I’ve been thinking about it for some time. Mulling it over, considering it, wondering if I could really do it.  If it would really stick. Wondering if people would think I was nuts.

And I’ve decided that I don’t care if you think I’m nuts!

Once upon a time ago I was named Christine.  My given name.  But during my growing up years, I was NEVER called Christine.

I was Chrissie.  (still endearingly called that by some of my cousins, and I LOVE it, because somehow it gives us a sweet, unique bond).

My parents have called me Chris for as long as I can remember.  (Truth be told, I never liked that, but what’s a girl to do, parents are parents and since they named me, they have a right to call me what they wish to call me. And….considering that It’s been nearly 50 years, I don’t think I’m gonna change that now–and I’m okay with it–and it’s kind of like my cousins calling me Chrissie, a unique bond).

When I was growing up I was Christy.  Sometimes Christye, or Christi depending on the school year or my mood, or this short lived friend I had that spelled her name Cyzanne or some other crazy spelling of her name (Susan) that I can’t remember, and I thought it’d be fun to add an “e” on the end of the y.

But when I turned about 20 I decided I needed to “grow up” and be Christine.  Christy sounded so young, and afterall, I was SO old (HAHAHAHA). And it was only going to be sillier the older I got.  And didn’t want to be an old lady with such a “silly” name.  I think somehow I thought it would give me some grounding.  Some maturity.

But, I was wrong!  It didn’t.  And it never will.

For a long time, I’ve thought I needed to act a certain way to please God.  But slowly, I’ve been realizing that I need to be who God created me to be.  I can’t fit in a mold of how others think I should be.  God gave me a big personality.  God gave me a mouth that speaks it’s mind (that still needs to be kind, loving, gentle and have self control) But he did not make me quiet.. God made me just the way he wanted me to be.  God never condemns anyone for their personality.  (Yeah, I guess I’m slow).  Even PETER, the big-mouth apostle.  He’s confronted when he sins, but his personality never plays into it.  Ok, well, maybe it does in the Garden.  But Jesus doesn’t tell him to change his personality, he tells him to STOP doing what he’s doing!  To stop sinning.

It’s taken me nearly 30 years, and I HAVE grown up and now I realize that Christy suits me better.  It’s more of a reflection of who I am.  Bright, bubbly, friendly, etc…

maybe it’s just semantics…

maybe it’s not a big deal…

maybe in a year or two I’ll post something like “Boy, WHAT was I thinking?”

Maybe none of you will change what you call me…and it won’t stick, but it’s time to try.

I know it will be difficult for some to transition to calling me Christy after calling me Christine for so many years. And I realize it may never happen.

Especially for my dearest husband that always called me Christine when he isn’t calling me “Sexy”

I have never been one to get upset if someone calls me by my “wrong” name, and I certainly am not going to start now.

I will still answer to Christine, Chrissie and Chris…without evil glares, or “MY name IS”

But when I meet new people, when I sign my name, it will now be done as Christy.  (I’ve got a feeling it might take a while for ME to get used to it too, lol).

So, I’ll be signing off now…

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One thought on “What’s in a Name?

  1. Nice to meet you, Christy! No one but family and those who don’t know me would ever call me “Kimberly”, which is my given name. When I originally signed up for Facebook I used Kimberly because, after all, it’s my real name. “Kim” is just a nickname. But earlier this year I changed my FB name (and other media) to Kim because that’s more comfortable for me. I wish I felt more like a Kimberly, but those girls seem to be more fussy and girly than I am. Kim is short and sweet – like my hair – and she’s open to new things, and adventurous, and cheerful. (And once upon a time I called myself “Kym”. Not many options when your name only has three letters.)


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