One Word 365 2014 Evaluation and a New Word

Last year’s word, Serve.  I said I would do a better job serving my family at home.

And I have.

And I haven’t.

There are still moments of ugly.

And lazy.

I’m getting off the couch and helping more although there are still times when the couch grabs me and holds on TIGHT!  Ok, not really…some days I’m still lazy.

I’ve turned away from the computer and made intentional efforts to actively listen more often than huh? Oh. Really.

I’ve not complained as often about turning off the lights, picking up after others, etc.

I have served my family better, without complaining as often this past year.

And Shane says I have too.

But would like to improve even more.

If you’ve been reading my blog for the last few months, you know that there’s a change going on.

In a way, I’m finding me again.

So I’m going to keep on with the serve theme in the background.  I’m going to continue to make intentional decisions to serve my family better.  And one way I think I’ll be able to do that is by adding this year’s word.



I need to lighten up.  balloons

I need to be more free-spirited.

More spontaneous.

More FUN!

More ME!

Not so hung up on being “right” or my kids being “right” or having it all together.

To realize that sometimes they want to be lazy, and sometimes we NEED to be lazy together.

And some days we just NEED to have FUN!

So my word for 2015 is