Five Minute Friday Welcome

If you aren’t familiar with Five Minute Friday, here are the rules.  Jump in and have some fun with us.

This week’s word is Welcome


Welcome.  It’s so homey.  The word that is.  Houses used to have doormats that said “Welcome” on them.  (Maybe some still do, but country living doesn’t lend itself to cute welcome mats.)

I love welcoming people into my home.  I LOVE to entertain.  Not just me, but my entire family.  All of us get excited when company is coming.

10 days ago we welcomed 2015.

I am so thankful.

A new start.

A new beginning.

those who wait

So I welcome 2015 with a renewed hope.

And the promise of Spring because I do not LIKE winter and snow and ice.  Sunshine and flowers and trees with their branches all stretched out in their glory, covered with green. More alive.  An open door seems much more welcoming to me than a closed door, even with a fire in the wood stove.

tabby in the country

Green branches, blooming flowers and fresh produce seems more welcoming than bare branches, empty gardens, and cold.


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6 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday Welcome

  1. Love this and love your take on welcoming in 2015! I pray it will be a year full of blessings you can share with all those around you as you welcome them into your home! God bless!


    • Hi Mary, I’m from the southeast; and MISS it SO much. We haven’t had much snow (KC Missouri area) here but it’s been frigid cold! E. TN had just the right mix; all 4 seasons and even enough snow to sled at least once a year. Perfect for me…but alas, God must not want us back in the south because the opportunity hasn’t presented itself yet 🙂 Nice to meet you…


  2. “Bienvenidos” is Welcome is Spanish, literally good comings. Now that I realize that, it’s the same in English well coming. Languages are fascinating.
    In case you Kansas City folks are baffled by the lack of sno e, I’ll explain what’s up.
    I have been traveling by bus with my 3 month old daughter and by it not snowing God was helping me to get out to our appointments and errands.
    Yep, I think of God THAT personally.
    I’m ready for warmer weather so I can take long walks with baby in her stroller!


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